OPI Push and Shove (+ a dupe)

OPI Push and Shove CoverThis nail polish is causing quite the stir! And truthfully I’m not really sure why.

Push and Shove is from OPI’s Gwen Stefani collection and one I knew I HAD to have. I adore Essie No Place Like Chrome and Push and Shove looked to be similar. I was also intrigued by the fact that OPI was selling Push and Shove with a mini base coat and included special application directions.

The directions are pretty straight forward; use 1 thin coat of Lay Down That Base (the base coat that comes with Push and Shove), wait for that to dry, then apply two thin coats of Push and Shove. It is recommended not to use a top coat and the directions warn of bad wear time (like all limited engagement events, Push and Shove is intended for One Night Only wear).

The first time around I followed the direction to a tee. I ended up with a foil silver/chrome metallic result that I really did love.  But as OPI warned, the wear time was pretty terrible. I wore this out one night (I mean…the polish literally GLOWS in bar light!) but about half way through the next day my nails looked like a chipped mess.

Being the rebel that I am, the next time around I again used Lay Down That Base and applied Push and Shove the same way. But this time I used a top coat (China Glaze No Chip top coat). The finish was exactly the same as it was without a top coat and the top coat extended the wear time. I have no explanation as to why OPI recommends skipping a top coat.

After I discovered a top coat was fine with this polish I became curious about how it would do over my normal base coat (Amour Sticky Base) as well as using a matte top coat/ridge filler (butter LONDON Shine Free Top Coat) to get a smoother finish (more info on that here). I tried a bunch of different combinations and found they were all fine and the end result for all of them looked the same.


There are swatches of all that below the jump plus a comparison to Essie No Place Like Chrome which is a dupe of Push and Shove. Honestly, there is very little difference between the 2 even formula wise but I would give the slight edge to the Essie. I think the formula is a bit easier to work with plus it’s a tad less expensive and easier to find. No Place Like Chrome is part of most permanent Essie displays and can of course also be purchased online.

Currently, Push and Shove can be found anywhere OPI is sold (despite being sold with a base coat Push and Shove is the normal OPI price) or online at Ulta.com.

If you’ve tried Push and Shove I’d love to hear about your experience. I’ve read online where people have had issues using different base and top coats and found the application to be atrocious. I obviously didn’t experience any of these issues (thankfully!).

There is tons of stuff happening under the jump including swatches and comparisons.


PS: I’ve used Push and Shove in nail art twice. Once for my Panthers playoff manicure (that went well…) and once over Essie Damsel in a Dress. Worked great!

OPI Push and Shove packaging OPI Push and Shove directions OPI Push and Shove bottle OPI Push and Shove Gwen OPI Push and Shove OPI Push and Shove swatch OPI Push and Shove 2 OPI Push and Shove 3 OPI Push and Shove MACRO OPI Push and Shove MACRO2


OPI Push and Shove comparisons
Push and Shove 4 ways plus 1 nail is Essie No Place Like Chrome.

OPI Push and Shove Essie No Place Like Chrome

OPI Push and Shove different base and top coats


  1. Sometimes I think these little ‘rules’ are to make you feel its a truly unique product, unlike others, so therefore you must buy. Clever marketeers!

    1. I completely agree with you. Especially the special base and top coats companies try to sell.

      But why in the world would OPI say don’t use a top coat? It’s detrimental to the performance of their product!

    1. It doesn’t require a special base coat nor does it only wear for 24 hours. No clue why OPI is trying to push this polish like that.

      This wears just like a normal nail polish with my regular top and base coat.

      That being said, Essie No Place Like Chrome is the same thing so….

        1. I said in the post that my regular base coat worked just fine and using a top coat fixed the wear time. I have no idea why OPI sells it with a special base coat or why they recommend not to use a top coat.

  2. Well, now I just may have to buy the Foil Look from Formula X for Sephora. I loved the blue foil but couldn’t justify a polish that was so limited in wear time. Hopefully I get similar results.

  3. There are only about 10 million long lasting silver chrome polishes in the world that look JUST like this, so OPI really has ballz trying to sell us one that is meant to last only a night! OPI knows how to make a silver chrome that will last a few days, and “glow in the dark” topcoats and polishes (that last) are nothing new (see Julep’s line). So I can just hear the suits in the OPI marketing meeting saying “So how can we trick women into buying something they already have or could easily get elsewhere? Hey let’s mess with their minds by taking away what is usually a key selling feature for polish (durability) and making a big deal over the fact that they can’t have durability, not with THIS rare gem because it’s soooo super fantastical. It could just work, they could just fall for it!” Ugh. This makes me not want to buy any more OPI, which is not one of my favorites anyway.

      1. Additionally, I’m slightly irritated with all the people complaining. This is not the first polish to have less than perfect wear – mattes, suedes, super thick glitter – are all somewhat difficult unless you play around with it or use some solutions… weird base/top combos, sticky sandwich… etc.

        It’s like.. if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  4. So I got Push and Shove last Friday when I got my nails done at a salon. The stylist made no mention of the polish lasting only a day or two. 1 week later and I have barely any polish left. Thank god the color is tame enough that it isn’t obvious from far away. Needless to say, i will be returning tomorrow to demand a color change free of charge.
    That being said, I still love this color and i will be purchasing it or the Essie version to use at home.

  5. Late entry!
    I have this OPI, Maybelline Mirror Image AND China Glaze Millennium. So I’m sitting here now with all of them on various nails, and here’s what I found: Maybelline without topcoat is the shiniest of them all, with OPI hot on it’s heels. Millennium comes third. Topcoat (in my case HK Girl) makes no difference on the last two, drying takes longer than usual though. The OPI on my regular base coat (Nails Inc Caviar) is a little messier in application, however it works good on OPI ridge filler. Millennium behaves like any other polish.
    Don’t know anything about the wear yet.
    I suppose I will have to get the Essie to finish off the comparison. An excuse as good as any 🙂
    In any case, if you don’t put them side by side, I think even a nailista will not see the difference.

  6. whoa, well the people being so negative really should just keep to themselves… it is not what this post is about. thank you allie for experimenting with the polish so we all know and us whom had googled the questions about this particular polish, now will know. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for posting the photos with the top coat. I hate wearing polish with out a top coat because I work with my hands and most soaps and lotions I use soften the polish and it chips/peels away. So glad to know Push and Shove works with all kinds of top coats. I use Deborah Lippmanns Umbrella (waterproofing) top coat.

  8. Thanks ! I have wanted this for a while but thought it was too ” special needs ” to work for me. I am hard on my hands so I couldn’t see this working for me. I just ordered it. So excited !

  9. I do not use a top coat, but I do reapply the Push and Shove over the next subsequent days and my mani stays nice and bright.

  10. Just got this for $3.99 at TJ Maxx. Dries quick and I love the reflective effect…however my nails are very “ridgy”…i.e. not very smooth/healthy and this finish makes that more obvious. Hoping top coat helps. Thanks for the tips!!

  11. I got this, with a top coat, on my toes. Looked great, for a month. I went to replace it for growth. I found out the issue. It damaged the hell out of my nails. I am still growing out the damaged area 4 months later. The little toes are all grown out, but the big toes still show the dried out (to the point of cracking) damage where the polish was. They are down playing what can happen. It did look great, but NOT worth it.

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