Essie Mesmerize(d)

Essie Mesmerize coverSigh. Essie just kills me with these minor name changes they made to some of their polishes when the line went retail. This polish was previously known as Mesmerize but can now be found in stores as Mesmerized. Same polish, almost the same name. Makes no sense to me.

Anyway! I’ve had this polish for ages and it’s one of my favorite Essie polishes. I picked my bottle up back in 2010 (a year after the initial release) and even then it was part of Essie’s permanent line. Amazing how such an unexpected color can turn into a classic.

Mesmerize(d) is a royal cobalt blue creme that applies beautifully in just 2 coats.

I adore this color (it was, after all, my nail polish sign) and can’t seem to have enough in my collection! Mesmerize a bit darker than my recently discovered love Avon Gel Finish in Royal Vendetta but I have to say, I prefer the Avon formula.

If Mesmerize(d) hasn’t made its way into your collection yet, no worries! It is part of the Essie permanent line and can be found almost anywhere Essie is sold including

I spiced Mesmerize up by adding a couple of coats of Wet n Wild Mega Rocks in Gettin’ Amped. I wasn’t sure about the combo but I ended up loving it. You can get a preview of that manicure on TDV Instagram.

There are additional swatches under the jump!


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