Katie’s Top 10 of 2013!

2013 Top 10Happy 2014, y’all! A new year is always so exciting to me. It’s the ultimate Monday: A blank page just waiting to be filled with beautiful adventures and wonderful memories.

It’s always fun to look back through my posts and pick the stand out polishes. As I was going reflecting on my Daily Varnish year, I had a revelation: Textured polishes absolutely ruled my year. At the start, I was very resistant to try textured polishes – I mean who would want bumpy nails on purpose? I skipped the entire first round of Liquid Sands. Then along came ZOYA Nyx and I jumped right down the rabbit hole and didn’t look back.

Below you’ll find my Top 10. I sincerely hope you enjoy my list and if you haven’t already shared your 2013 favorites on Alli’s Top 10 (or even if you have!) – I’d love to find out what polishes and trends stole your heart in 2013!

Feel like taking a trip down memory lane? Check out my favorites from 2012, 2011, and 2010! Oh, how far we’ve come..

Goodbye, 2013!


In no particular order…. here we go!


Zoya - Nyx (Lightbox)This is the only polish that I knew from the start would make the Top 10. Why? Nyx may have been the biggest game changer for me in 2013. It completely changed my mind on textured polishes. After trying Nyx, I went back to Ulta countless times looking for Godiva and Vespa… I never did find them (and may or may not be looking at them on eBay right now…) but in their stead I started paying attention to the OPI Bond Girls Collection and found 4 new loves: Solitaire, Jinx, Honey Ryder, and Pussy Galore. So much love! All thanks to Nyx.

OPI First Date at Golden Gate

OPI - First Date At Golden GateI know, I know – an OPI red? But hear me out. This has been my go-to red polish all fall and has been my pedi red of choice since I grabbed it. The application is great and red is just so classic. I love it. It’s a bit of a tradition to have an OPI red in my Top 10: From A to Z-urich (2010), Danke-shiny Red (2012), and the latest addition is First Date at Golden Gate. I just can’t help myself when it comes to red OPI polishes.

Essie For The Twill of It

For the Twill of It isn’t unique – the steel multichrome has been done before (see: ) it even had a dupe in it’s OPI sister: Peace & Love & OPI. For me, though, what set this polish apart from the rest was it’s formula. Two coats – until this fall, we hadn’t really seen that in this shade. It’s flirty and edgy at the same time.

Layla The Butterfly Effect

Layla - The butterfly EffectI like the idea of purple polish, I have plenty. It’s rare, though, that I completely lust after a purple…The Butterfly Effect has got to be the most unique polish I tried this year – how fun is it? It’s a flakey jelly sandwich all in one bottle. The flakes are reminiscent of Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure/Nubar 2010/Essie Shine of The Times. The purple is a luscious grape jelly. This polish makes me think of dragons, and fairies, and magic potions.

OPI Alcatraz…Rocks

Direct Sunlight
Direct Sunlight

You knew this was coming, right? GORGEOUS. And oddly, another purple polish. How odd. Just when I thought my love for texture might be fading ever so slightly, along came Alcatraz…Rocks. Thank you, OPI.

Sally Hansen – Twinkle Toes-ty

My obsession with Twinkle Toes-ty is the culmination of a complete shift in my attitude towards Sally Hansen’s CSM line. My very first experience was terrible and I’ve been, for the most part, stand off-ish ever since. But, I can never pass up a great polish deal and ended up nabbing two polishes: Loden Green and Perfectly Poppy (both initial 10 ten contenders). I loved them both. When I found out I was going to review Twinkle Toes-ty I was really excited! It’s a Katie polish if there ever was one! Sparkling and stunning. I think every girl needs a holographic gold glitter topper in their lives.

Revlon Wintermint

Revlon - Wintermint CollageSO PRETTY. I love the bottle, I love the polish. I’m also sucker for beauty/cosmetic gimmicks like scented polish. I think Revlon has done everything right with their Parfumerie Line – I want them all. This is going to get a lot of wear in 2014!

Essie Mind Your Mittens

Ah, the every chic and beautiful Mind Your Mittens. I always enjoy a good mislabeled polish adventure. Turns out some of the early samples sent out swapped the labels for Mind your Mittens and Parka Perfect. Honestly, I totally get it – I think of mittens as light and parkas as dark.. Anyway – this is a really lovely blackened teal. Nothing earth shatteringly original – just a pretty polish with a great formula. Two thumbs up. It also cracked The Daily Varnish Top 10 Most Viewed of 2013.

Favorite Manicure: Blackfish

Blackfish - Main CollageNot a singular polish, but this manicure probably meant the most to me so it made the cut. I know you won’t believe me, but I spent hours on that little whale on my thumb. It took a lot of time, acetone, and cotton balls to get it right. I also had two very talented advisers: Alli and The Little Canvas to help me along the way. Thank you both!

 Last but not least…The Bond Girls

Jinx, Honey Ryder, and Pussy Galore. All three of these polishes are so me and so amazing. They are my tie for 10th, I just couldn’t include one with out the others.



  1. Pussy galore is definitely one of my favourites. I mean what’s not to like about it? I really wish I had picked up the other two bond girls shades I didn’t get and some of the San Francisco collection. I think I will need to get myself on eBay.
    The layla looks amazing too. Just so three dimensional. I would end up staring at my nails all day if I had that on! Xx

    1. eBay is a nail polish addicts best friend… or.. worst enemy? Haven’t figured that one out yet. The Layla is SO fun – I might go put it on right now…

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