PISTOL polish December 2013: Heartbreaker & Leader of the Pack

PISTOL polish December 2013The PISTOL polish December 2013 is so fun! It basically covers all holiday polish needs with just 2 polishes.

Heartbreaker is a deep burgundy creme where as Leader of the Pack is a super fun glitter. Both are perfect for the holidays but can also be worn during the cold weather months. Especially Heartbreaker!

Below the jump are my reviews of both polishes.

For more info on PISTOL polish check out their website. If you’re in the Charlotte area PISTOL polish can be found at The Boulevard at South End.


PISTOL polish HeartbreakerHeartbreaker: Heartbreaker is a deep burgundy creme that has the slightest bit of a jelly feel to it. I adore this polish. It’s a very me way to wear red.

The formula is lovely. I did use three coats due to the jelly(ness) of the polish.

This polish is really beautiful and a very chic way to wear a darker color. I also used it as a base for a manicure with Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad. The result was gorgeous!

PISTOL polish Heartbreaker swatch PISTOL polish Heartbreaker 2 PISTOL polish Heartbreaker MACRO


PISTOL polish Leader of the PackLeader of the Pack: Leader of the Pack is such a fun glitter! It has large silver glitter along with smaller blue, green , orange and magenta glitter. For some reason (I cannot think of a good one!) the glitter is suspended in a greenish yellow base. It’s really quite unattractive. That being said, the base color doesn’t show up unless Leader of the Pack is used over a light base.

The glitter is quite sparse. I used 2 coats of Leader of the Pack in my swatches.

This polish really did make for a lovely holiday manicure 🙂

PISTOL polish Leader of the Pack swatch PISTOL polish Leader of the Pack MACRO PISTOL polish Leader of the Pack 2 PISTOL polish Leader of the Pack 3 PISTOL polish December 2013 descriptions



  1. That heartbreaker is a pretty shade, Im glad the polish is not tested on animals, too bad i cant see the rest of the shades in the site

    1. They aren’t selling polishes individually online (as of now…).

      Though, I have asked, and if you send them an email with the name of the polish you want they will sell the individual polishes 🙂

  2. I wonder if the base is that color because the glitters bleed? The first time I used it over white I hated it, and of course it lasted super long because it’s PISTOL. But I put it over gold and it looked GORGEOUS.

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