OPI Jade is the New Black (+ a dupe)

OPI Jade is the New Black coverIf you haven’t heard, Sally Beauty Supply now carries OPI! This is super exciting (at least to me). With a Sally Card OPI polishes are $7.99 and I did confirm with the girl at my Sally’s that they will be carrying limited edition collections along with the permanent line.

Anyway, that was a long winded preface to how I ended up wearing this nail polish. I was at Sally’s the other night picking up a pair of my favorite Ardell lashes when I couldn’t help but stare at the pretty new OPI display. A green polish caught my eye. I walked over to the display to look at the name of the polish. Imagine that, it was Jade is the New Black and it’s been sitting in my Melmer for years getting zero love. After declaring myself ridiculous I put the polish down, paid for my lashes and left.

Safe to say after that I knew what polish I’d be putting on my nails next!

Jade is the New Black was the stand out polish from OPI’s Spring 2010 Hong Kong collection (which, by the way, is still my favorite OPI display of all time). OPI describes it as a sophisticated vibrant green, which certainly is accurate. This polish doesn’t seem all that special but I think it is. The green isn’t too bright or too dark and it’s just a little unexpected without being too crazy all at the same time. It even worked under some glitter for a festive manicure!

The formula is good. I definitely needed three coats to get a fully opaque color.

I’m glad this polish was added to OPI’s permanent line. It of course can now be found at Sally Beauty or any other place that carries OPI, like Ulta.

I do have a dupe for this polish in my collection; Revlon Emerald. Revlon discontinued Emerald probably about a year ago. Emerald has a better formula so if you have Emerald in your collection you can pass on Jade is the New Black.

Along with swatches of Jade is the New Black there is a comparison between Emerald and Jade is the New Black under the jump!


OPI Jade is the New Black OPI Jade is the New Black swatch OPI Jade is the New Black label





  1. Personally can live without this one. I gotta disagee with Opi that this is a sophisticated shade of green, to me this version of green is as linear and uninspired as green gets, almost like green play dough. If does have a vintage vibe but I just can’t get past the “color wheel” feel. Your nails always look perfect though!

      1. I don’t hate it, I just don’t care for it. I would rather go without polish than apply this one. It is a nice colour, and I do like green, but it does not work as a polish.

  2. I’m normally one for darker shades of green, but I really like this one too. Apparently a cheaper substitute (not really a dupe, but close enough) is “In the jungle” from essence, which I have and love to wear in the summer mostly.

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