Avon Gel Finish Roses Are Red

Avon Gel Finish Roses Are Red coverIf you’ve read my post on Avon Gel Finish Royal Vendetta then you are well aware I kind of love the Avon Gel Finish line. Since then, I’ve used Royal Vendetta to death. It’s the only polish I’ve had on my toes for the past couple of months. Finally I decided I needed to order another color!

Currently, the Gel Finish line doesn’t have the best color selection so I decided just to order a classic red.

Roses Are Red is a classic red creme with the slightest brown undertone that gives the color a little warmth. It’s a very flattering red that would work with any skintone.

The formula is wonderful. It has a slight jelly feel to it (I suspect that’s the “gel” aspect). I find the color looks best with 3 coats.

Despite having quite a few classic red polishes this is a great addition to my collection. This is a perfect pedicure color and I find these Gel Finish polishes wear better than any other polish I’ve tried on my toes.

If you want more information about the Gel Finish line check out my post on Royal Vendetta. There’s even a 7 day wear test! (And the results are impressive).

As always, there are swatches under the jump.


PS: I used this as the base to a festive manicure you can check out on TDV Facebook page 🙂

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