Sephora by OPI Shopping Frenzy

Sephora by OPI Shopping Frenzy coverI’m not a pink girl. I never have been. Even as a very young kid I was all about blue and purple. And I think this still shows through my nail polish choices. But I must admit, sometimes I get in the mood for a good old pink manicure.

Shopping Frenzy was sitting among my untrieds. I hauled it from HauteLook (along with Havana Dreams and Ms. Can’t Be Wrong) quite awhile ago at this point. It’s not a color I would generally pick up but with a name like Shopping Frenzy how could I not have it in my collection!?

Shopping Frenzy is a bright fuchsia leaning pink that contains a good amount of shimmer though the finish is more metallic. The shimmer makes this polish almost glow on the nail. The finish is really lovely.

The formula is a tad on the thin side though nothing 3 thin coats can’t take care of.

Sephora has completely discontinued their Sephora by OPI line. That being said, the line has been on HauteLook several times (for $3 a bottle!) and it’s not particularly unique. It immediately reminded me of OPI Kinky in Helsinki.

There are swatches under the jump!


Sephora by OPI Shopping Frenzy Sephora by OPI Shopping Frenzy swatch Sephora by OPI Shopping Frenzy MACRO Sephora by OPI Shopping Frenzy MACRO2


  1. I have always enjoyed Sephora by OPI polishes. I have found them comparable with all other OPI polishes. I’m surprised I haven’t read more about them, especially with Sephora having them at 3 for &10. I’ve got a huge stockpile to add to the new Formula X polishes I couldn’t resist. And you can never have too many nail polish choices.

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