OPI – Black Onyx

OPI - Black Onyx BottleHappy Black Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! In 2011, we posted our favorite black polishes in honor of Black Friday: petites Color Fever in Black Diamond and Orly’s Androgynie. In 2012, Alli went the less traditional route with Live and Let Die from last year’s James Bond Collection. Therefore, in the spirit of keeping the Black Friday Black Polish (#BFBP?!) tradition alive, I present to you: OPI Black Onyx.

Black Onyx is another polish that has spent way too much time being neglected in my melmer over the years. The top has been stuck for as long as I can remember, but I thought in honor of Black Friday, I’d let it spend some time in a wine glass of warm water and get this baby back in business. I used the same method that Alli describes in DIY: How to Unstick a Stuck Nail Polish Lid. What a mouthful…

Lucky for all involved, this is the easiest polish I’ve ever had to discuss. Black Onyx is a gorgeous & glossy true black creme. No undertones, shimmer, or microglitter to decipher and describe. It’s the little black dress of the polish land. Even after years in hiding and spending some time in hot water, the formula was delightful. I used two coats and sealed the deal with a coat of Essie’s Good to Go.

If you’re looking for a great black polish, this is it. Black Onyx is a staple in OPI’s Classics collection and you can pick it up at Ulta for $9.00 or save a dollar and purchase it from drugstore.com for $8.00. Oh, I miss the days when OPI cost $7.50…

Question time! Tell me, tell me – have you been shopping all night or are you gearing up to go out? As for me? I may hit Ulta, but otherwise I’m staying away from the masses. Also, what’s your favorite black polish?

Swatches below!


OPI - Black Onyx Main

OPI - Black Onyx

OPI - Black Onyx3

OPI - Black Onyx


  1. My favorite black…I go through a lot of this polish. I agree it’s an absolute basic for any collection. I should try it ‘au naturel’…

    But I always coat it with something. My DH just got me ‘Pirouette My Whistle’ for Christmas (seeing as he asked me to pick out a few things…) and I can’t wait to try it over Black Onyx.

    I did a lot of shopping online, and I have spent my limit. I saw people brawling in store parking lots on the news, not for me thanks. I try to do a lot of my shopping in the off season. But this time of year, I think online is the way to go! Yay for free shipping! Who can say no to pajamas for six bucks?

    1. You should! It likes being the star of the show 😉

      I bet Pirouette My Whistle will look fantastic over black – I’d love to see a picture of it!!

      I didn’t even do much shopping online, but I’ll agree: free shipping is probably one of the biggest perks I like about the holiday shopping season 🙂

  2. Black polish was my very first nail polish and I still love it – I hate pinks and nudes and reds, but yes please black. Since I started my blog I don’t really have that much opportunity to wear black, but I always enjoy it!
    I’m thinking of getting the a-england Camelot since I got a great recommendation for it! BrijitDigits says it’s the BEST black!! : )
    And I loooove Onyx on short nails, SO COOL. (no other word for it…)

    1. It’s great right? My favorite black at the moment is Essie Licorice 🙂 Black Onyx is a nice one too, though. I think black on short nails looks great too! So chic.

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