ZOYA – Karina

Zoya - KarinaToday is the big day! Well, for me it’s a big day… I’ll be spending this afternoon baking my very first apple pie! It’s been a few months, but my first attempt at pie making was pretty successful: peach! I inspired Alli to do a little peach nail art!  Since I’ll be busy busy all day long with errands, cleaning, and baking, I decided to choose a fall appropriate sparkly red to put on my nails!

Karina made it’s debut in Fall of 2010 on the Wicked side of Zoya’s Wicked and Wonderful Collection(s). It’s a cool, bold metallic red packed with shimmer. It’s a perfect fun sparkly red. The shimmer adds a lot of depth which I absolutely adore in a polish. Better yet, this polish was perfect in two coats.

Sadly, this polish is no longer listed on Zoya’s website but it is available on Amazon! If all else fails, it is the season for sparkly reds and you’re sure to find one you adore.

So, what’s on your to-do list for the day? Stay tuned to my instagram for Apple Pie updates – and the occasional cute animal picture!

Have an awesome day, y’all!


Zoya - Karina

Zoya - Karina Bottle




    1. Haha, it would be a great cherry pie color instead, wouldn’t it? This is my second pie ever – I am not the best in the kitchen…. but I’m trying! Oh how I love sweet potatoes! How are you preparing them?

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