Revlon Parfumerie – Wintermint

Revlon - WintermintA few weeks ago, I saw these adorable Revlon Parfumerie duos at Walgreens.  While they were cute, none of the colors really struck my fancy. Sunday I stopped by CVS for a few things and they had a full display of the Revlon Parfumerie polishes! Wintermint immediately caught my eye and I was hoping it might be similar to a long time lemming: deborah lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream.

I couldn’t wait to put this on! I was worried that the small top (but darling) would make the polish harder to work with and I’m happy to report my fears were unwarranted, the adorable top is easy to hold.

Wintermint is a soft seafoam green metallic with blue glitter and gold microglitter dispersed throughout creating a wild aquatic adventure on your nails. Despite having its fair share of glitter, this polish was easy to apply. I used 3 coats for my swatches.

So, how about the parfum aspect? My nails smell like mint! I love it! I haven’t had the polish on for very long, so I’ll have to update you on how long the scent holds.

I’ve got to say, I absolutely love this twist on Revlon’s typical scented nail polish (see: Grape Icy). I’m not sure I’d have picked this polish up if it was in one of the older scented polish displays but the marketing here is ace. The bottles are adorable and chic the label is classy and the scents are classic. Two thumbs up.

The Revlon Parfumerie polishes are in drugstores now and retail for around 5.99 each.

Click below for plenty of swatches to brighten your Monday!

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Picture time!

Revlon - Wintermint1

Revlon - Wintermint2

Revlon - Wintermint Collage

Revlon - Wintermint3

Forced Flash:

Revlon - Wintermint (Flash)

PS. Hats off to you, Revlon – this polish is fantastic.

Revlon - Wintermint Bottle



  1. …and here there is another beauty I’ll never have… Only two chains in France carry Revlon, and it’s always the same boring colours; no use begging them for something new/different. 🙁
    (Hoping I’m wrong…)

  2. Perhaps if Revlon sees that they are big sellers in the US, they will offer them in the global markets? I hope so. Wintermint is great- love your swatches. I have the Lippmann and this. THey are pretty close in terms of color and overall effect. The Revlon dries smoother, less gritty, which I appreciate. Plus the scent is a nice bonus! I am loving this line of polishes and it is about time Revlon introduced something new for us. Tired of their novelty polishes(chalk doodle, moon candy and nail art wands, I am looking at you!) getting all the marketing. This line seems aimed at a more urban, sophisticated, fashion forward demographic and I am loving that.

    1. One would hope…I think these would be really successful outside the US. I definitely appreciate the fact that it’s not bumpy or gritty – I can’t stand that (unless it’s a texture polish…). The scent is super fun! I’ve never tried the chalk doodle or moon candy, and I don’t think I’ve missed anything. I feel like they’re better for people with only a few polishes or teenage girls….

    1. I love Mermaids Tears… it’s a little dustier, but I can see the seafoam-y connection. Everything is nicer in glitter (as I put on a creme polish…)

  3. It is a good thing I am still on the fence about these — I am in some black hole here in central Ohio where none of these awesome fun drugstore nailpolish collections seem to materialize. Maybe I need to be more patient… >:O !!!!!!!!!

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