Pixi Charcoal Celebration

Pixi Charcoal Celebration bottleJust like any normal person would do I was looking for a polish to put on yesterday morning that wouldn’t be fussy and would match basically anything. I eventually settled on Charcoal Celebration for my Monday morning mani. Charcoal Celebration is one of three new polishes Pixi released for fall 2013. I really loved Deepest Dahlia, another of the new offerings, so I was hoping to have the same luck with Charcoal Celebration.

Charcoal Celebration is a super shimmery neutral charcoal gray. It reminds me of a less metallic Essie Over The Top (or Over The Edge as they’re calling it nowadays…). I quite like the color but it’s not particularly special or unique.

The formula isn’t wonderful. It can be a bit runny and hard to wrangle if you’re not careful. I used three coats in my swatches.

From Pixi’s Colour Me Gorgeous release, I definitely prefer Deepest Dahlia. I just don’t think this polish is quite special enough. Especially coming from a brand that does put out some amazing polishes (like Luminous Lilac and Evening Emerald).

That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this polish I’m just not completely enamored by it. If you’re in the market for a color like this Charcoal Celebration is a fine option.

There are swatches under the jump including a picture taken in the sun (the shimmer really comes alive!).

Pixi polish is available at Target as well as on the Pixi website (free shipping on all orders over $50 and an additional 20% off with code PIXISHARE) and Pixi is periodically on Hautelook.


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