deborah lippmann – Fake It Til You Make It

deborah lippmann - fake it til you make it (top)It’s a nail polish addict’s dream come true… I’m reviewing MY VERY FIRST DEBORAH LIPPMANN POLISH. I cannot tell you how much time I’ve spent at Nordstrom looking at her polishes, picking them up, putting them down, picking them up again, and ultimately putting them down for good – I’m usually talking to Alli when this is happening… I’m a complete impulse shopper, so it’s actually kind of amazing that I never caved and bought one. At any rate, its always exciting to try out a new-to-me brand.

Fake It til You Make It is from the Jewel Heist collection that was released for Fall 2013. Fake it til You Make it is a blonde gold metallic with very small red, green, and gold hex glitter* dispersed throughout.The result? Magnificent. I could not dream up a better holiday gold polish! But ladies, don’t let this polish wait until the holiday season, the green and red glitter are subtle enough to make it oh-so-wearable for Fall! Despite being full of glitter, the formula was smooth and easy to apply. I used two coats in my swatches. This polish is a bit bumpy so I topped it off with a thick coat of Seche Vite.

Overall, I’ve loved my my first deborah lippmann experience. I like the unique shape of the bottle and the cap is so comfortable. I have this sitting on my dressing table because it is just that pretty to look at.

We’ve made it halfway through the Jewel Heist collection! Alli’s already reviewed the blues: Va Va Voom and Rolling In The Deep. Stay tuned for Laughin To The Bank, Shake Your Money Maker, and Glitter and Be Gay. The Jewel Heist collection is currently in stores, including Sephora and

Lots of pictures below!

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*In my macros I picked up some blue glitter, but the green and red are much more prominent…

deborah lippmann - fake it (bottle&macro)

deborah lippmann - fake it til you make it 2

deborah lippmann - bottle brush macro

deborah lippmann - fake it til you make it 1

deborah lippmann - fake it til you make it 3



  1. I have three bottles sitting on my desk, waiting for Christmas: Sinful Colors Ruby Glisten, OPI My Favorite Ornament and China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. You have all three of them in one bottle! 😉

    1. Oh Emerald Sparkle is one of my favorites!! I might have to pick up My Favorite Ornament…. Those sound like the delicious makings of some festive nail art, am I right?

      1. I don’t know if you can use it for nail art, but it’s really gorgeous, not too rough to the touch and, for a glitter, very easy to remove. It’s a coarser, brighter version of Essie Beyond Cozy. So far I’ve applied it only on the nail tips, in a – sort of – french over pink, white and beige, and loved it every time – you know the crazy bat who can’t stop looking at her nails in the street? That’s me! 😀

        Check the Sinful Colors, it’s the dark red/burgundy version of Emerald Sparkle. A pain to remove but, oh, so worth it!

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