Nail Art: Bat Tip Nails

Bat Tip Nail ArtIt’s Halloween! Which is easily my favorite holiday. So that means a little bonus post here on The Daily Varnish today.

I wanted to share my Halloween manicure I’ve been rocking today. I’m one of those weird fun people who walk around all day in a pseudo, life appropriate costume. This year I adopted a little bat to wear on my head. It’s purple and black and even has some sparkle. Basically, right up my alley.

To compliment my head piece (let’s be British and call it a fascinator…sounds way classier) I did a bat tip manicure. I started out with a basic ombre manicure. As a base I used just plain white (Ulta Snow White) then sponged on deborah lippmann Lilac Wine with a makeup sponge (like these). I didn’t want to ombre to be perfect so I sponged on Lilac Wine a bit haphazardly.

After that I added a bat tip just for an accent nail (on the left had I added the bat on the ring finger nail…on the right hand I added the bat to the pointer finger nail). The bat is really easy to achieve but super cute. I used JulieG Black Sheep. First I applied the black polish in 2, fairly thick lines on the tip going down towards the center of the nail. Then, I turned the brush to the side that’s a smaller width and drew the head. I used a nail striper to add the ears then used a dotting tool to add the polka dots and create the wings.

I loved how this manicure turned out and it complimented my “costume” perfectly.

There are a couple swatches under the jump (including the manicure pre-bat).

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Halloween!


Purple Ombre Nail Art Bat Tip French Manicure Bat Nail Art


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