Barielle Secret Encounter

Barielle Secret Encounter CoverKatie sent me this polish AGES ago and it set among my untrieds getting no love. Well, I’m kicking myself now! As it turns out, Barielle Secret Encounter is nothing short of gorgeous.

Barielle describes Secret Encounter as a metallic magenta. While this polish does have a bit of a magenta tone to it I would not call this metallic. I’d describe Secret Encounter as a super shimmery burgundy with magenta undertones (it’s significantly more pink than OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest). The color is GORGEOUS particularly in the sun and perfect for a sunny fall day.

The formula is fantastic. I used just two coats in my swatches.

Not too long ago Barielle was avaialble at Ulta stores but I’m not sure if Ulta still carries the line. Barielle is definitely available on Barielle’s website and Dermstore.

Either way, Secret Encounter is part of the permanent line. If you manage to track it down, Secret Encounter is a good addition to any collection!


Barielle Secret Encounter Barielle Secret Encounter swatch Barielle Secret Encounter sun


  1. Barielle kind of tough to come by, I have a few mostly thanks to blog sales..I like them! This one is pretty, kind of jewel tone, best shot is sunlight one….it glows!

    1. It looks so gorgeous in the sun!

      Ulta definitely used to carry Barielle but I guess they quit? I wish it was a more readily available brand…they have such great polishes.

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