China Glaze – Elfin’ Around

China Glaze - Elfin' Around CollageHappy HolliGlaze! I chose two polishes from this collection: Elfin’ Around and This is Tree-mendous. I decided to show off this little lady first. See, I was feeling a little sorry for her because she didn’t seem to make the cut for any of the China Glaze holiday sets – how sad!

China Glaze describes this as Red-Rust: With Aluminum-like Mirror Finish.  How fantastic does that sound? Pretty awesome! I have to be honest, I was pretty disappointed because the real color shift really only happens in lower lights and… I live in a well lit/sunlit world. Otherwise it looks like a run of the mill warm red foil/metallic. I can acknowledge the existence of very slight rust qualities in regular light, just not as much as I wanted. It’s still a nice polish, but it wasn’t really what I was hoping for.

The application was a breeze. The formula, finish, and application all remind me very much of Strike up a Cosmo. I used two coats for my swatches, but could absolutely get away with using just one coat in a pinch.

If you keep reading, the first picture below is how I hoped this polish would look (all the time).

That’s all she wrote!


China Glaze - Elfin (kitchen)

China Glaze - Elfin Around

China Glaze - Elfin Around (lightbox)

China Glaze - Elfin' Around (Label)



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