Sation Napolean Dyna-Matte

Sation Napolean Dyna-Matte coverToday I shall share a nail polish with you called Napolean Dyna-Matte that isn’t matte. What!?

I was browsing Trans Design when I found myself in the Sation section. I’ve never tried any polishes from Sation but they’ve redesigned the bottles and their new six piece collection for fall called The Miss-terranean drew me in. The polish names are all cute and Italian and what can I say, I couldn’t help myself! For $3.50 a pop I decided to give Napolean Dyna-Matte a whirl.

Napolean Dyna-Matte is a bright, cherry red creme. It’s a lovely color and a very flattering red for me (and a perfect polish when I want to do a red nail and red lip combo). But I was completely shocked when it didn’t dry matte. I’m not crazy right? If “matte” is in a nail polish name it should be….matte!

But I digress. The (not matte) formula is pretty good. I used 3 coats in my swatches.

Overall, I’m impressed by this polish. I’d definitely try more Sation polishes. I checked out their website and the collections they have are adorable!

There are swatches under the jump!


Sation Napolean Dyna-Matte Sation Napolean Dyna-Matte swatch Sation Napolean Dyna-Matte MACRO


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