deborah lippmann Wicked Set

deborah lippmann Wicked SetThis month marks the 10th anniversary of Wicked. To celebrate the occasion, Deborah Lippmann released a limited edition 3 piece Wicked nail lacquer set.

The set includes 3 mini nail polishes; Popular, Defying Gravity and One Short Day. All 3 shades are inspired by the magic of Oz and are, of course, named after original songs from the musical.

Not only are the bottles adorable, so is the packaging of this set.

I quite like all 3 polishes in this set but I’m not ready to say they are definite must have. That is unless you’re a Wicked fan in which case you need this!

Below the jump are swatches and my thoughts on all three polishes.

This set is available at Sephora and is $29.


deborah lippmann Wicked Set 2 deborah lippmann Wicked Set labels


Popular: This polish was inspired by Glinda and her gorgeous pink gown. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to like this polish. It seemed kind of blah in the bottle. But once I got it on my nails I really loved it. While the formula is quite (ok painfully) thin, it gives the polish depth. I used four coats in my swatches and the nail line was still slightly visible.

deborah lippmann Popular deborah lippmann Popular MACRO


Defying Gravity: This song always makes me think of Glee. But so not the point of this set! Defying Gravity is easily the most infamous song from Wicked and this polish was inspired by Elphaba. It’s a green creme but a very flattering green creme that’s just slightly different from the rest of the green cremes in my collection. It reminds me a bit of OPI Jade Is The New Black.

The formula is lovely though a bit on the thin side. I used three coats in my swatches.

deborah lippmann Defying Gravity deborah lippmann Defying Gravity MACRO deborah lippmann Defying Gravity swatch deborah lippmann Defying Gravity MACRO 2


One Short Day: This is the most unique of the polishes in this set and the one that is inspired by The Emerald City itself.

One Short Day contains chunky emerald green and some sparse slightly smaller gold glitter suspended in a deep green jelly base. While I do think this polish could definitely be used on its own I added one coat of One Short Day over Defying Gravity and really loved the outcome.

deborah lippmann One Short Day deborah lippmann One Short Day swatch deborah lippmann One Short Day MACRO deborah lippmann One Short Day sun deborah lippmann One Short Day bottle


Overall, I really do love all the polishes included in this set though other than One Short Day I don’t think they’re entirely unique. That being said, if you’re a Wicked fan (or if you’re looking for a gift for a Wicked fan) this is a fabulous little set 🙂

deborah lippmann Wicked Set packaging


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  1. These LIppmann sets are just the cutest! I have been trying to resist them for a while- She’s Always a Woman was calling to me….yesterday I finally broke down and ordered one when I got an HSN e-coupon. Lippmann polishes are so pretty and easy to use in my experience. I wish her company had a method to incorporate customer feedback to decide if any of these LEs or set colors would become part of the permanent line. I wonder how they decide on that? Lippmann has some awfully adorable holiday sets out now- I could go broke buying them all!

    1. I know One Short Day would be a really popular full size polish but I can understand why this is a limited edition sets.

      All of deborah lippmann’s sets are adorable!

  2. I’m a Wicked fan and I actually find this set rather disappointing. As with so many nail polish and makeup sets, you already have a color palette to work off of when the collection is based on a movie or, in this case, a musical. To me, that pink is too dark to be the color of the “Popular” dress and I’d really prefer to see a light blue with some sparkle to evoke the more iconic Glinda look. I’d like a Glinda polish as well as a Galinda polish. The Defying Gravity Green is also rather dark. I would have preferred to see a color closer to the makeup they apply on the actresses playing Elphaba and maybe also a black glitter polish reminiscent of the second act costume. I think the One Short Day polish has the right idea and I’d like to see how it looks worn on its own instead of worn as a top coat.

What do you think?