Trick or Treat: Glow In The Dark Ghost Nail Art

Glow In The Dark Ghost Nail ArtThe countdown to Halloween continues! Clearly I don’t subscribe to the idea that Halloween is only one day. I celebrate all month!

This manicure is super easy to do and looks pretty cool when the ghost glows in the dark.

I used Cover Girl Orange Oasis as my base color. To add the ghost I used Ulta Snow White. It’s simple to do; just start to lightly press on the nail with the end of the brush and as the brush moves down the nail press harder. This will give the ghost a bit of shape.

After adding the ghost I let it dry for a few minutes before adding one coat of glow in the dark polish over just the white (I used Sally Girl U-Glow Girl).

Then using a small dotting tool and JulieG Black Sheep I added the eyes and the black detail at the tip of the nail. It’s important to add the black details after using the glow in the dark polish. Otherwise the eyes will also glow in the dark which would be a bit strange.

This turned out to be a cute manicure and a bit easier to do than the Spider Nail Art I did a week or so ago.

There are swatches below the jump including a picture of the ghost glowing in the dark!


Cover Girl Glow In The Dark Ghost Nail Art Glow In The Dark Ghost Nail Art JulieG Glow In The Dark Ghost Nail Art Sally Girl



  1. Cute little ghostie. A glowing ghost? Even cuter. This looks like an easy Halloween mani for me. I even have the glow in the dark polish.

  2. Love this! I’m not very good at nail art but this looks really easy. Now I just have to hunt down a Glow in the Dark polish.

    I know you love sports manis — do you wear much Zoya polish?? They’re one of my favorites and they always have specials. Right now there’s one for “Team Spirit” colors. $22 for 3 polishes + free shipping. Mine are on the way!

    1. I don’t wear a ton of Zoya. Not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t really have easy access to it.

      I’ll definitely check out that deal though! Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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