Pixi Deepest Dahlia

Pixi Deepest Dahlia bottleThis is my kind of nail polish.

Pixi released 3 polishes for fall 2013; Deepest Dahlia, Precious Pewter and Charcoal Celebration. Out of the three I was most excited to try Deepest Dahlia. In the bottle it reminded me of one of my all time favorite polishes; Essie Wicked.

As it turns out Deepest Dahlia is quite a bit different than Wicked.

Deepest Dahlia is a very dark, deep almost black purple creme jelly hybrid. I quite like the color. It’s less harsh than black and it being purple based it’s flattering against my already red skintone. That being said, in almost any light, this polish looks black.

The formula is wonderful. I used two coats in my swatches.

I found this polish wears very well. I posted a picture on Instagram of my nails on day 3 and my nails didn’t even have much tip wear. Quite the accomplishment for such a dark polish!

There are swatches below the jump.

Pixi polish is available at Target as well as on the Pixi website (free shipping on all orders over $50 and an additional 20% off with code PIXISHARE) and Pixi is periodically on Hautelook.


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