Essie – Mind Your Mittens

Essie - Mind Your MittensIs it Parka Perfect? Is it Mind Your Mittens? Well, that depends on who you are, I suppose. It seems that some of the early press samples have the labels switched and a quick google image search doesn’t really help the debate. I’m here to ease your mind and introduce you to the “real” Mind your Mittens. Of course, if you caught Alli’s Saturday post you”ve already met Parka Perfect. If you haven’t, clickity click on over for a gander – it’s gorgeous.

I will say though… that I prefer my mittens light and my parkas dark. But that’s neither here nor there, is it?

I’m head over heels in love with dark polishes lately so when we were ordering from the Essie Winter 2013 Collection: Shearling Darling , Mind Your Mittens immediately peaked my interest. Mind Your Mittens is a deep blackened teal creme and… I love it. It’s a bit of a color shifter though – it appears nearly black unless you’re in a good bit of light.

I have little patience lately for polishes that are difficult to apply, so lucky for me – this was a breeze. The formula was perfect for me: not too thick, not too thin – it flowed smoothly onto my nails and I had a perfect-for-fall manicure in two coats. Victory!

While it’s hard to imagine, this is pretty unique to my collection. It’s darker than Go Overboard, which I don’t own. The closest I could find  was OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop – they’re absolutely nothing alike, but you can see for yourself below the cut.

The Essie Winter 2013 collection is currently available on Ulta’s website and Alli has spotted the display in drugstores.

Happy Monday!


More Mittens!

Essie - Mind Your Mittens2


Essie - Mind Your Mittens (Label)

Mind Your Mittens vs. Ski Teal We Drop

Essie - Mind Your Mittens vs Ski

Glitter? Sure why not… (China Glaze – Fairy Dust)

Essie - Mind Your Mittens (Glitter)

And… a special guest appearance from my favorite porch kitty..

Essie - Mittens + Lucy


  1. I love that color whatever they finally decide to call it. I am going to get it for sure. I am really liking what I am seeing from the Essie holiday collection. I can’t wait for it to hit our store shelves.
    Your porch kitty – so beautiful. I want one.

    1. I really like this color! I love really dark blues and greens. They just scream fall to me. I think this collection is going to be a hit.

      I love my porch kitty too! I’d keep her forever if I thought she’d be happy indoors. She has a few other “moms” in the neighborhood that love her just as much 🙂 Right now she’s curled up outside on a chair on her sleeping bag (yes, really.. a cat sleeping bag).

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m usually a fan of simple, as in not layered shades, but Mittens with Fairy Dust – they look like magical midnight sky! Wow.
    I have Parka and have to try it out cause it looks gorgeous – I happened to win it in a Nailuxxe giveaway, which, simply, rocks. I’m on a greys hype…

    1. I loved the look too! I need to get out Fairy Dust again….

      And… the more I look at Parka the more I really need it… 🙂 Yay for winning a giveaway – I never win 🙂

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