Essie Parka Perfect

Essie Parka Perfect BottleHello world! Meet the polish that has been on my nails for a week straight.

I cannot get enough of Parka Perfect (because it’s well….perfect!). It’s from Essie’s latest winter 2013 Shearling Darling collection and the polish I was most looking forward to getting my hands on from the promo images. But we all know how promo images can go! Sometimes things don’t pan out. Luckily, Parka Perfect is better in person.

Parka Perfect is a dusty light blue green with subtle iridescent shimmer. The shimmer is that specific shimmer like in Cashmere Bathrobe and Coat Azure, that Essie is known for. This polish is absolutely gorgeous. And very wearable. The color is quite subtle and almost a neutral. It clashes with very few colors (I like to match my manicures and outfits….it’s a problem!). I also love that this is an unexpected color for the cooler months yet still somehow completely appropriate.

The only downfall of this polish is the formula. It’s not Turquoise & Caicos terrible (the gold standard of bad Essie formulas!) but the formula is rather thin and requires careful application to avoid the polish from puddling around the cuticles. I used three, thin coats in my swatches.

A note on the name of this polish: there was a bit of confusion over on Instagram as to whether or not this polish is actually called Parka Perfect. Parka Perfect is the correct name. From what I can tell it looks like some of the early press samples of this collection had this polish labeled as Mind Your Mittens but that is not the correct name. Mind Your Mittens is the blackened teal polish from this collection (that Katie will review on Monday).

Anyway, just wanted to clear up any confusion!

The Essie Winter 2013 collection is currently available on Ulta’s website and I have seen the display in drugstores.

There are swatches below the jump!


Essie Parka Perfect Essie Parka Perfect swatch Essie Parka Perfect MACRO


  1. Oh my. I opened it decided to dislike this colour… But I can’t, it’s lovely. I’ll try to resist, though, I really have too many polishes. Besides, I think it looks very much like Maximilianstrasse Her.

    1. Funny enough, when I was writing this post I thought it was going to be close to Maximillian Strasse Her as well. But then I looked at my swatches.

      Parka Perfect is quite a bit bluer.

  2. This is a gorgeous color. I think I will have to add it to my essie collection. I have to say though. . .I have torquoise and caicos and it works great for me. Thanks for posting this lovely polish!!

  3. wow. I so need this. I like even better than Vested Interest. The shimmer is hard to see here, but if it is like Cashmere Bathrobe shimmer, it will be more apparent in person. I am really looking forward to this collection!

  4. Hm, I’ve been looking forward to trying Parka, I got it in a set in the Nailuxxe giveaway, yay, but I could swear it looked more grey in the bottle… (I literally just went to find it and check, much less blue in the bottle)… Oh well, still looking forward to it, love new release, plus, cute names ; )

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