China Glaze – Strike Up a Cosmo

China Glaze - Strike up a CosmoI just can’t say no to a good foil polish… China Glaze’s Autumn Nights Collection is heavy on foils – 4! We ended up nabbing two two of them: Strike up a Cosmo and Gossip over Gimlets.

Strike up a Cosmo not only has a fabulous name, but as I was playing around with the “Try Me” section, I discovered that it also happens to be the China Glaze Color of the Month. Happy October!

Strike up a Cosmo is a delicious rose gold foil with a dash of gold to make for the perfect polish cocktail (oh… see what I did there?). In some lighting it has the oh so slightest qualities of a mauve polish. I spent about half an hour trying to find out why it was so familiar to me – it is somewhat similar to ORLY Ingenue, but definitely not a dupe. I’ll have to scour my collection and get back to you.

The application was good – I just used two coats they applied smoothly and I was good to go!

Happy Monday! More Pictures Below!


China Glaze - Strike up a Cosmo (Lightbox)

China Glaze - Strike Up a Cosmo (natural)

China Glaze - Strike Up a Cosmo2



  1. It reminds the most of of OPI It’s My Year, but i think the OPI is heavier on the gold. Overall though, it reminds me quite a bit of Zoya Faye, OPI It’s My Year and Rally Pretty Pink and Orly Oui. 🙂 Not sure that any of them are dead on dupes, but definitely in the same family for sure!

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