OPI It’s Totally Fort Worth It

OPI It's Totally Fort Worth ItBefore I begin this post I have to just say when I read the name of this polish in my head I read it as It’s TOTALLY Fort Worth It. It’s very Clueless like and dramatic.

Anyway! It’s Totally Fort Worth It is from the Spring 2011 Texas collection. Not going to lie…the Texas collection isn’t a favorite of mine. Big Hair…Big Nails and Suzi Loves Cowboys do have a place in my stash but I never had any desire to try others.

That is until the OPI event on HauteLook happened. I ordered 4 polishes (this along with Pink Yet Lavender, Every Month is Oktoberfest and You Glitter Be Good To Me). I sent You Glitter Be Good To Me to Katie so this is the last of my mini haul I’ve gotten around to trying.

In the bottle It’s Totally Fort Worth it looks gorgeous and unique. The formula is very sheer (VERY SHEER). I needed 4 coats to get anything near an opaque color. But, the result was pretty fantastic.

OPI describes It’s Totally Fort Worth It as a shimmery lavender gray. I’m not sold on the lavender part. This polish does have red microglitter in it that may cause it to look lavender in certain lights. But on me it looked like a light shimmery gray that had a bit of a subtle gold tone to it.

I do like this polish. And it’s a polish that can be worn as a neutral. That being said, the formula makes me not love it. Application is a pain. I will say though, it wears very well.

OPI did not add It’s Totally Fort Worth It to their permanent line but it’s still available from drugstore.com.

As always, there are swatches below the jump!



OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It swatch OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It MACRO OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It 2 OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It MACRO2



  1. I got this polish by mistake. I had ordered three bottles of OPI polishes; suddenly they didn’t have any of my choice, and instead of cancelling my order they sent this one, as “consolation” I suppose. When I complained they eventually cancelled my order, reimbursed me and sent another bottle of the same ITFWI – that I hadn’t liked in the first place! Just my luck – IMO this polish is one of OPI’s failures. I tried it once, hated it and gave both bottles away. But I’m glad someone liked it… 🙂

    1. I want to try layer it over something to see if it’s a bit more user friendly. We shall see!

      This is definitely not a polish I would normally gravitate to 🙂

  2. I have this in my untrieds. I picked up 3 from the Texas collection, partly for the names(former Texan here), but also because I liked the jellies. I wish I’d also gotten Houston we Have a Purple. Looking forward to trying it- looks nice here. Why was application a pain? too brush-stroke-y, perhaps? I am not that skilled or patient but this silver is unique in my collection, so I will probably keep it anyway. Looking forward to the rest of your Hautelook haul swatches.

  3. I just picked this up on a haul last week and found it at my local HEB when they had all OPI polishes 2/$10, so I grabbed this pretty silvery gray. I haven’t used ti yet, but i love the iridescence and maybe it will be great for a jelly mani or have you seen the manis where they stamp or paint little designs and then layer over it and repeat this several times? I think it’s called a pond manicure or something close to that. Under the sea? Heck I can’t remember, but the technique gives it depth and layers and this may be perfect for that type of art.

  4. I’ve been looking up pond manicures, they look so dreamy. I just love seeing something new(to me anyway)! Why did I never come across this before?? Thank you kindly Cindi! Now I have a reason to buy jelly polishes! 🙂 🙂

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