OPI – First Date at Golden Gate

OPI - First Date At Golden GateFun Fact: OPI’s Fall collections always seem to have a red polish that win me over and find a way into my heart. From 2010’s Swiss Collection my go-to red became From A to Z-urich. From 2012’s Germany Collection it became Danke-shiney Red. And considering the title of this post – it should be no surprise that my choice from The San Francisco Collection is First Date at Golden Gate.*

I love red polish, but I especially love perfect-for-fall reds. I have to say, OPI calls First Date a shimmery ruby. I disagree on both counts. No shimmer, no ruby. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely polish and I quite prefer that it is neither shimmery, nor ruby. Much more accurately, I’d describe it as a stylish slightly brown leaning red with yellow undertones. It’s lighter and opaque with 2 coats, but I wanted to deepen the color a bit, so I used three. It’s a creme/jelly hybrid- I’m not going to blend those two words as I feel like the result would be as ridiculous and asinine as blurple…

I’ve got to say, we’ve had a fun time with this collection! Check out some of our other reviews: Alcatraz…Rocks, Peace & Love & OPI, Incognito in SausalitoI Knead Sour Dough, and In The Cable Car Pool Lane. It’s a pretty good bet that one or both of us will end up with at least one more polish from this collection. It always happens…

More pictures below! I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!


OPI - First Date at Golden Gate 2

OPI - First Date at Golden Gate


Surprise! I decided to bring a few guest stars around for today’s post!

First up.. I’m head over heels for my Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer. It’s perfect for me. When I buy nail blocks, I can never remember which side/color is for what. This has been fantastic for the two nail splits I’ve been battling for at least two years (middle finger and thumb). After using this, they’re all but a memory… I’ve only  had this about two weeks so I’ll be sure to let you know if my opinion changes!

OPI - First Date at Golden Gate (with Revlon Buffer)

Next! My I survived the first month of school treat – a replacement nook. My first Nook (1st gen at that..) finally met it’s maker in South Beach last April – I don’t know how I’ve lasted so long! This is the Simple Touch with Glowlight. In case you were wondering, I’m currently reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.

OPI - First Date (nook)

Of course, a post that is way too long already wouldn’t be complete without the two loves of my life… Cinder and Caesar…


*Note: I bet you noticed that I left out 2011. Well, The Touring America Collection failed to capture my interest… It only had one red representative: Color to Diner For. I only picked up two polishes: Road House Blues and I Eat Mainely Lobster.



  1. Love this polish! There are not enough reds like this in the world, if you ask me. This one is ranking up there with my fave orange based red ever- Essie Red Nouveau. OPI SF collection has so many winners!

    1. Me too!!! Now that’s a red I don’t own… do I need it 🙂 ? I agree- this is a fun collection 🙂

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