Nailspiration: Calvin Klein Dress

Calvin Klein NailspirationSomehow I managed to land in a horrible nail rut which is a problem when you’re a self declared nail junky and will  not, under any circumstances, leave the house without perfectly painted nails.

As any rational person would do, I turned to the internet for a little nailspiration. Finally I came across a manicure I really liked. It was a fun twist of a Ruffian manicure and as it turned out, it used Revlon Eclectic and Urban; both of which are part of my nail polish collection. While I like both of those polishes the colors just weren’t speaking to me.

I considered scrapping the whole idea when I realized I was wearing a dress that had very similar colors just a bit brighter. China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle and OPI OPI…Eurso Euro matched my dress perfectly.

My recreation of the manicure ended up being quite a bit brighter than the original. I debated whether or not to add the dots on the nails. I really liked the manicure without them but decided to add the dots using China Glaze Gossip Over Gimlets instead of a gold.

I wore this manicure with the dress and while it definitely took the whole matching my nails to my outfit to a whole new level I really loved it.

It’s safe to consider my nail rut over!

There are swatches below the jump of this manicure with and without the silver polka dots. I’d love to know which version you prefer! I’m still undecided…



Calvin Klein Nailspiration version 1 Calvin Klein Nailspiration version 2







  1. I really like this manicure. The colors are fab. Usually I’m a dot/Polka dot fan. In this instance I don’t think it adds or subtracts from the look. I love what you guys do. Keep it up.

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