Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliqués – Total Bombshell

Incoco - Total BomshellStarting on September 9th, Incoco had a 5 day – 50 winners a day giveaway on the Incoco Facebook page. I entered for fun, with low expectations because I never win anything – and… I won! I chose Total Bombshell to try and now I’m hooked. No, really – I just placed an order for 3 more sets – two for me, one for Alli!!

Total Bombshell looks a lot like a perfectly executed water marble with black, gold, and rose gold with gorgeous deep red accents – perfect for fall! This look is SO me – I was instantly in love with it. The application directions are very simple to follow – though when I try my second set I will follow them a bit more closely.

When I applied them I was tired, cranky, and ready for bed so I sped through it a bit faster than I should have. I wasn’t very carful about slowly stretching them or wrapping the tips, so I had a bit of tip wear that I blame totally on myself. Aside from that, the tip wear did not increase and I they showed no wear over the next 5 days. The key here, as with most other nail strips is careful application. It’s best if your hands are warm so the nail polish strips stretch to a nice fit on your nails. The packaging says they can last for up to 14 days and based on removal – I don’t doubt it! After trying my usual cotton bail routine I had to switch to a modified version of Alli’s technique – I wrapped aluminum foil around my nails so the remover would sit a bit longer .

The Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliqués are made of real nail polish  and retail for 8.99 for 16 strips. They have SO many designs to choose from so there is definitely one for everyone.

Check below for more pictures!



Incoco - Total Bomshell Package

Incoco - Total Bomshell Directions

Incoco - Total Bomshell Ingredients

Incoco - Total Bomshell 3

Incoco - Total Bomshell 2




  1. Gorgeous. But why 16 strips? Are the 6 for mistakes, or can you use bits left over from at leat 4 strips to make a second use? I’ve never understood why the odd number, and they all seem to do that…

  2. I have always wanted to try this type of strip but my nails have such a deep c curve that i have never tried them, does anyone ever discuss this issue I would be interested in knowing how others do that have my same problem,

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