deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep bottleI’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to talk/think about this polish without getting the song stuck in your head. So I do apologize in advance!

Rolling in the Deep is a new offering from deborah lippmann. It was released as part of the fall 2013 Jewel Heist collection and is classified as a creme (meaning it’s sold at the $17 price point….not the $19 price point like the glitter polishes from deborah lippmann).

So I’m thinking I’m putting on a lovely deep navy creme (or, as deborah lippmann calls it, a mysterious midnight blue). As it turns out, this does have a bit of shimmer to it (I swear…proof below the jump!) which does make it look a bit more like the midnight sky.

The formula is lovely. It has that inky feel to it like many navy polishes. But it applies smoothly. I did need three coats to avoid any bare spots. And as with all polishes in this color range, make sure to use a base coat! Otherwise you will end up with smurf nails and no one wants that.

I’m a big fan of navy polishes so I’ve been using this quite a bit. I wore it out this past weekend with deborah lippmann Va Va Voom (and a MAC Morange accent nail….me and my game day glam!). When I could force myself to look away from the Auburn football game I couldn’t stop staring at my nails! Seriously, gorgeous. I tweeted a really bad low light picture of that mani and it still looked gorgeous.

This is also the polish I used to make the polka dots in my Vanessa Hudgens inspired mani.

The Jewel Heist collection has already hit stores (including Sephora!). Rolling in the Deep is also available online at

There are swatches below the jump!


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deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep

  1. Magda says:

    Smurf nails is the precise reason why I never wear navy/dark/midnight blues, base coat or no base coat. Actually, I avoid dark colours as a rule. Medium to light shades are ok.

  2. Lorraine Valdespino says:

    I wish the shimmer were more apparent on the nail. Reminds me a tiny bit of Dior Blue Label(love!) for that reason alone. I can’t get enough of the navy nails this season. I am sure I have enough of them and I end up falling in love with one more. :::le sigh::: Still on a mad search for the perfect postal blue. My wallet knows no end of nail polish search trauma.

    • Alli says:

      There are a couple ways to avoid staining. 1. Put a fairly heavy lotion on before removing the polish. And 2. If you use my nail polish removal method and only swipe the cotton ball in an upwards motion this will prevent alot of staining.

      I didn’t find removal of this polish to be particularly problematic.

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