PISTOL polish September 2013: Play Dirty & Fight Like a Girl

PISTOL polish September 2013 duoIt’s that time again when I review this month’s PISTOL polish duo! I know I always get excited about each month’s duo but I just love getting 2 surprise polishes in my mailbox the first of every month. There is nothing better for a nail polish addict.

The September duo is definitely channeling fall. It’s been so hot here but that hasn’t stopped me from embracing fall colors! At least on my nails.

I ended up really liking both of these polishes though unexpectedly, my favorite of the two ended up being Fight Like a Girl. It’s along the same lines as Sally Hansen Loden Green except the formula is a jelly. We all know I love a good jelly polish!

Anyway, there is a full review of both polishes below the jump!


Play Dirty: I decided fairly quickly that Play Dirty was fall in a bottle. PISTOL polish describes Play Dirty as a “deep crimson color laced with sparkling gold flecks.” That’s pretty spot on. This is a great polish for fall and will transition nicely into the holiday season.

I was worried the gold sparkle would make this polish not so great for my cool toned skin but I didn’t find the polish to be too warm. It’s wearable for cool toned girls but will look particularly lovely on those with a warmer skintone.

Application was perfect. I used just two coats in my swatches.

Note: the last swatch was taken in direct sunlight. The shimmer really stands out!

PISTOL polish Play Dirty PISTOL polish Play Dirty PISTOL polish Play Dirty PISTOL polish Play Dirty PISTOL polish Play Dirty


Fight Like a Girl: One of the reasons I love PISTOL polish is every month the polish colors are a complete surprise. Fight Like a Girl is a polish I never (and I mean NEVER) would have picked up on my own.

Fight Like a Girl is an olive green with distinct brown and yellow undertones. Sounds ugly, right? It’s actually super gorgeous. Even my mom, who never strays outside her OPI California Raspberry, commented on how much she liked Fight Like a Girl.

I was pleased when I discovered Fight Like a Girl is a jelly. Due to this the formula is a bit thin; I used 3 coats in my swatches. The benefit of jelly polishes is they dry to a gorgeous shiny finish and have that “squishy” look to them.

I ended up really loving this polish. And it’s perfectly on trend for fall 2013!

PISTOL polish Fight Like a Girl PISTOL polish Fight Like a Girl PISTOL polish Fight Like a Girl


PISTOL polish September 2013 duo polish descriptions


  1. I have a wool jacket that’s just this color, with gold tone buttons. I haven’t worn it in years; I should dig it out!

    The pictures remind me of Opi’s Here Today Aragon Tomorrow…but I can’t seem to locate my bottle to make a proper comparison (I have polish all over the place). Maybe it’s a bit lighter? (And don’t I remember you swatching HTAT maybe last year sometime??) That’s quite a few of these warm dark greens so far this year. Try a gold accent nail!

    1. Here Today Aragon Tomorrow (still love that name!) is quite a bit darker and has more of a brown undertone than a yellow one. But definitely along the same lines.

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