Nail Art: Carolina Panthers Fanicure

Carolina Panthers FanicureIt’s Sunday. It’s (almost) fall. That can only mean one thing. It’s game day!

Cover Girl is the official beauty sponsor of the NFL. No, you didn’t read that wrong. The NFL really does have an official beauty sponsor!

On Cover Girl’s website they have put together nail polishes and a nail art look for each team in the league.

I live in Charlotte, so the Carolina Panthers are my hometown team. I’m more of a college football girl but ever since the Panthers drafted a QB from my alma mater I’ve been paying a bit more attention to the NFL.

The polishes Cover Girl selected for the Panthers are Black Diamond, Out of the Blue and Silver Lining. The polishes match the official Panthers colors quite perfectly.

Eventually I’ll do individual reviews of all of these polishes but I must say I was very impressed. Black Diamond and Out of the Blue are close to being one coaters and even though I used Silver Lining over the darker polishes it only took two to three coats for it to be opaque.

I did my best to recreate Cover Girl’s Panthers manicure. I really liked what they came up with. In the past I have done Panthers themed manis but none were quite so intricate.

Below the jump is my recreation and an explanation of how I achieved the look.

Make sure to check out Cover Girl’s website for the polishes they recommend for each team and leave a comment with what you think about the manicure for your favorite team!



Carolina Panthers Nail Art NFL


I’m going to do my best to explain how I did this! Cover Girl gives pretty simple instructions on their website but I found it wasn’t quite that easy.

I started with Out of the Blue and painted half of all my nails. Then I painted the other half of my nails with Black Diamond. Using the small detail brush from my eBay nail art brush set, I used Black Diamond and created the curve on the ring finger nail.

Once my nails were completely dry I used the same small detail brush dipped in Silver Lining to created the block of color between the blue and black. I also added the whiskers to the ring finger. After everything was dry I added a top coat.


What do you think?