OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane

OPI In The Cable Car-Pool LaneThere’s always a polish from any given OPI collection I initially pass on but end up with later and absolutely adore! This has happened most recently with Every Month is Oktoberfest from the Germany collection and You’re Such a Budapest from the Euro Centrale collection. Well, In The Cable Car-Pool Lane is that polish from OPI’s newest collection; San Francisco.

When I initially spotted the San Francisco collection display at Ulta Peace & Love & OPI along with Incognito in Sausalito immediately caught my attention. I ended up ignoring the rest of the collection until last week when I was doing a little late night shopping on drugstore.com. I was looking at the San Francisco collection again and decided on a complete whim to order In The Cable Car-Pool Lane. I also ordered First Date at the Golden Gate for Katie.

OPI describes In The Cable Car-Pool Lane as a rich burgundy, which is an accurate description. They also do not classify this as a shimmer. So, to say the least, I was quite shocked when I got this bottle in my lightbox and saw glitter. GLITTER!

The glitter doesn’t translate to the nail, but I promise, it’s there! I did find random specks of glitter on my thumb and ring finger nails. I’m kind of confused why OPI bothered to throw the notreallythere glitter in the bottle.

Otherwise, I quite like the formula of this polish. It has just the slightest jelly feel it so I did use three coats. The finish is super shiny and I found this wore really well. (I am testing a new top coat. Time will tell if the new top cop was responsible for the super shiny finish and wear time!)

As crazy as this is going to sound, so far, this is my favorite polish from the San Francisco collection. I’m glad my drugstore.com addiction brought me and In The Cable Car-Pool Lane together!

There are, of course, swatches below the jump. The random speck of glitter is quite visible in the macro shot on my ring finger.



OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane


  1. I did see it in my mini bottle! It is so sparse and barely detectable. I thought I was going nuts since no one else seemed to be mentioning it. THanks for confirming. It is just ever so slight- like the hidden shimmer in the luxe brands. I think it is barely there just to help illuminate the color since it is crelly and light passes through these better. I have found this unexpected shimmer from time to time in polishes advertised as creams, and it’s always a happy surprise bonus. This shade is super gorgeous! Might have to get the full sized bottle.

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