OPI – Alcatraz…Rocks

Natural Light (Shade)

Finally! I am absolutely thrilled to have Alcatraz…Rocks find it’s new home in my ever expanding nail polish collection. This was the polish I was most looking forward to from OPI’s San Francisco collection. You may remember that when I first found OPI’s San Francisco collection it was lacking the Liquid Sand polishes, but when I stopped in for a refill of my favorite pillow mist: Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone, they had them in stock!

I’ve got to say – while I’m still loving the textured polishes – I know not all of you are. BUT – Alcatraz…Rocks is such a stunner with a top coat on  that you need it, yes – NEED. But but… yes, you need it even if you’re over textured polishes. Actually, stop reading now and go pick it up. I’ll wait…

Okay, so Alcatraz…Rocks is – obviously- part of the Liquid Sand line. The base color shifts depending on the light – but most of the time I’d describe it dark steel or cobalt blue packed with fine multicolored glitter (gold, pink, and green just to start) and it dries to a gritty textured matte finish, typical of the other Liquid Sand polishes.

Application was great – not overly thick – especially for a LS polish, I used two thin coats and I was ready to roll!

For lots & lots of pictures, see below!




OPI - Alcatraz - lightbox

Natural Light/Shade:

Natural Light (Shade)

Natural Light/Shade with top coat (Seche Vite):

OPI - AlcatrazSV - Shade

Direct Sunlight:

Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight with top coat (Seche Vite):

OPI - Alcatraz Rocks (withSV)




  1. If it was an ordinary polish and not a textured, I’d be all over it…because it really is lovely.

    I bought all six of the China Glaze textures at the beginning of the season, and ultimately, it was a waste of money. Lint covered chipping mess. Never again. I suppose I could try to convince myself that the LS’s are different, but ‘once burned…’

    1. Nat – do you mean the summer texture collection or those weird (haven’t tried so I shouldn’t judge) feathered finish ones?

  2. Yep I am not into the textured polish but I LOVE them with topcoat over! So much depth! If you have any suggestions for the best, most thick topcoat I would love to hear it – I use Seche but it takes three coats to get smooth.

  3. Summer texture; I haven’t tried any feather finish polishes. A couple of them have been reviewed here “Bump and Grind’ and ‘Of Coarse’. They look so pretty in pictures. Just terrible. Do you know of any way to get the texture out? They would be nice colors otherwise…oh well, live and learn.

    1. I really loved those polishes from CG! They wore really well on me.

      Granted, as with all the textured polishes, the texture can collect…stuff. My biggest problem was makeup products getting stuck in the nail polish. Never really had a problem with lint.

    2. Aw, for some reason those polishes never really attracted me… I know Alli liked the ones she tried though! I really like the glittery textured polishes – which is why I didn’t even consider the other two Liquid Sand polishes from the San Fran Collection.

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