L'Oreal Members Only bottleI love finding a good bargain. But this time Katie was the one that found a good bargain! She was at Walgreens and found a bunch of L’Oreal polishes for just $1.49 a piece. She surprised me and sent Members Only to me in the mail.

Members only is from the L’Oreal Trend Setter collection. The display has been floating around drugstores for a while and I do have a few in my collection (including a recent discovery, Orange You Jealous?).

I can see why Katie sent this to me. It’s a very Alli color. Members only is a deep pink creme with pretty significant purple undertones. The color is flattering and a very good pink to transition into the cooler weather.

The formula was lovely though a tad bit on the thin side. I used three coats in all of my swatches.

Because Katie picked this up on clearance I do think this is a limited edition polish. But have no fear! The collection is still available at drugstore.com, Walgreens and Target.

There are a slew of swatches below the jump!



L'Oreal Members Only L'Oreal Members Only 2 L'Oreal Members Only MACRO L'Oreal Members Only MACRO 2

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