OPI Pink Yet Lavender

OPI Pink Yet Lavender bottleA girl can never have too much glitter, right?

This polish made its way into my collection via HauteLook. They were having an OPI event and I ended up ordering 4 polishes.

Pink Yet Lavender is from the Mariah Carey collection that came out the beginning of 2013. When the Mariah Carey collection came out I was completely distracted by the introduction of the liquid sand polishes. I completely ignored the rest of the collection! I’m glad I had the opportunity to pick this one up now. It’s absolutely gorgeous in the bottle.

Color blindness does run in my family so perhaps I’m missing something but the name of this polish makes zero sense to me. Pink Yet Lavender has large, pink hex glitter and small holographic silver glitter suspended in a clear base. While there is something pink about this polish there’s not much in the way of lavender.

The formula of Pink Yet Lavender is fantastic. It applies smoothly and the glitter distributes fairly evenly. I didn’t have to use a toothpick to manipulate glitter placement. This is, of course, a glitter top coat. I used two coats of Pink Yet Lavender in all my swatches.

At first I thought this might be similar to OPI Teenage Dream. Turns out, they’re really nothing alike. It’s more similar to Spoiled Jewelry Heist. Though, Jewelry Heist is nowhere near a dupe. Turns out this glitter is pretty unique. At least for my collection 🙂

While it’s been ages since I’ve seen any of the Mariah Carey collection polishes in stores, Pink Yet Lavender is still available various places around the web including Ulta, drugstore.com and Walgreens.

Below the jump there are swatches of Pink Yet Lavender over Cuccio Seduced in Sorrento and China Glaze Queen B. I liked both manicures but I think I liked the Queen B manicure just a bit better. It was the perfect manicure to brighten up a Monday.


OPI Pink Yet Lavender OPI Pink Yet Lavender 2 OPI Pink Yet Lavender MACRO OPI Pink Yet Lavender MACRO 2 OPI Pink Yet Lavender and China Glaze Queen B OPI Pink Yet Lavender and China Glaze Queen B MACRO



  1. Agreed, a girl cannot have too many polishes – or too many bottles of PYL! As for me, I have four bottles – it was so hard to find two of them, that when I had the chance of ordering one or two more I couldn’t help it… and got two more. It’s one of those polishes that go well with anything (particularly over lavender!), I love it to bits. 😀

    I like it better over light colours, though – over dark ones it “disappears” a little… Matter of taste, I suppose.

    1. I tend to agree with you about the light colors. It’s less jarring plus I think the holographic glitter is more apparent over a lighter base.

  2. oooh, that is gorgeous! I dismissed all the odd names in this collection as part of Mariah Carey’s, um, free-spirited image. Assuming she helped to name these- maybe I am wrong. No offense meant to die hard MC fans, here. Anyway, this is a lovely color. Totally overlooked it at first- holo glitter- yes, please! and great over that pale pink! Wondering why this was on Hautelook at all- I am betting the entire collection sold really well, since she is doing another one for them this holiday season.

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