China Glaze Queen B

China Glaze Queen BI was kind of disappointed in the first polish I tried from the China Glaze Fall 2013 Autumn Nights collection. While I love Gossip Over Gimlets, I already had a much less expensive dupe in my collection. That being said…..Queen B is more or less my new nail polish obsession!

Queen B is a deep violet purple creme. The color is gorgeous and while it is dark it never looks black. Even in dim lighting.

The formula is fantastic. This is legitimately a one coat nail polish. Doing just one coat of polish kind of freaks me out though so I did use two coats in all my swatches.

This is a lovely color and I’ve been wearing it almost constantly since I got it. Even topped it with OPI Pink Yet Lavender (which was gorgeous…you can check out that manicure here). It’s the perfect color for fall!

If you already have Essie No More Film it is a very, very close dupe.

There swatches below the jump!



China Glaze Queen B swatch China Glaze Queen B 2 China Glaze Queen B MACRO China Glaze Queen B MACRO 2


  1. I had to laugh at “one coat freaks me out” because I am the same! One coat just doesn’t feel right. I have been lemming No More Film for a while which is TOTALLY justifying my impulse buy of this polish.

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