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Amour Sticky Base CoatHello world! I am pleased to introduce you to my favorite base coat; Amour Sticky Base Coat. Ironically, it reminds me alot of CND Stickey but at a much more affordable price.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Alli….you didn’t like CND Stickey! What gives!?”

And that is true. I didn’t like CND Stickey because it left my nails horribly stained. But otherwise I loved it. Amour Sticky Base Coat seems to prevent staining yet still gives me the extended wear I get from using sticky style base coats.

I tried Amour Sticky Base Coat on a whim. I was placing an order on Trans Design and was in need of a new base coat. The small (.56oz) bottle of the base coat was just $2.75. I figured it was worth a shot.

Amour Sticky Base Coat goes on clear and dries to a slightly sticky finish. This helps prevent polish from chipping and peeling therefore extending wear. I find this base coat does a great job of extending wear and a good job at preventing staining, but if your main concern is staining, this isn’t the base coat for you.

This quickly became my go to base coat and I haven’t looked back. Despite the fact I’m at the end of my small bottle the product is still usable. It hasn’t thickened making it impossible to use. When I repurchased this I ordered the large, 2.56oz bottle. It was a mere $4.95. I’m pretty excited about this discovery!

The only downside of this product is, as far as I can figure, it’s only available from Trans Design.

I’m always interested in hearing about everyone’s favorite base coats. Make sure to leave yours in a comment below!




BTW: Worth noting, I have tried a nail polish from Amour and it’s fantastic (and yellow). You can check that review out here.

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9 thoughts on “Amour Sticky Base Coat

  1. Wow. This post is right on time. I just bought and used CND stickey yesterday because I was having a polish peeling issue. I used it under a dark blue polish (both on fingers and toes) and decided in the morning that I didn’t like the blue. So I tried to remove it. My nails were stained unbelievably. I can’t get the color off. My nails are now Very ugly. I won’t use this product again. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted the money.

  2. I use only the Kiko base coats. Only had a problem with the Strong Nails variety, go figure! The Smooth Nails is the best for me.

  3. Do you still use or recommend this? I’m interested in purchasing it but I’m not sure.

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