Nail Art: Peach Manicure (+ my favorite peach pie recipe!)

Peach Pie Nail ArtIn honor of Katie, my fellow blogger here at TDV, making her very first peach pie I thought I’d do a peach manicure. Katie, as much as I love her, is not a cook. So when she called me and told me she wanted to make a peach pie I was kind of worried. We agreed that she’d leave trying to make crust to another day so she opted for the store bought crust but did use the filling from my favorite peach pie. For a first attempt at ever making a pie Katie’s pie turned out fabulous. If anyone is curious about the recipe I gave her to use it is below the jump.

Anyway, on to my manicure! I used Julep Jessica as my base color then added the peach using L’Oreal Orange You Jealous. After the peach dried, I added a stem with OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, a leaf with Essie Mojito Madness and a little shine to give it a 3D look with Amour Arnold Palmer. The end result was super cute. And absolutely perfect for summer!

I did use a couple nail art brushes to draw the peach. It’s not something I think is possible to do without nail art brushes. I bought my nail art brushes for quite the bargain price on ebay. Definitely worth the (very) very small investment.

There are a slew of swatches below the jump along with my favorite peach pie recipe!



Peach Nail Art Bottles Peach Nail Art brushes Peach Nail Art Essie Peach Nail Art L'Oreal Peach Nail Art OPI Peach Nail Art Julep Peach Nail Art


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