Zoya – Piaf

Zoya - Piaf (Sun)Good afternoon! I hope you’re all having a marvelous Monday! Today I decided to explore the yellow side of my yellow/green obsession! So far this summer, I’ve leaned on the greener side with Covergirl’s Appletini, L’Oreal’s New Money, and China Glaze’s Budding Romance. More recently, I slowly started shifting to the yellow end of the spectrum with OPI’s Don’t Talk Bach to Me.

I picked up Piaf on a whim, before this yellow/green fascination began. It premiered as part of Zoya’s Lovely Collection for Spring 2013.  Before it premiered in the Spring collection, it found it’s home in a trio along side Julie and Gei Gei made for exclusively in collaboration with Zang Toi for last fall’s New York Fashion Week: SS13.

Piaf is an exquisite ice pale yellow. Since I picked it up in the spring, it reminded me instantly of pollen – but in a good way – if that’s possible. I used three coats to achieve a beautiful shimmery opaque look. I love this polish because it’s completely unique in my collection – except for LEX Cosmetics – Daffodil, all of my other yellows are cremes.

Do you love it as much as I do? More below!


Essential Bottle Shot (seriously, at first I wrote body shot – oops! Moving on..)

Zoya - Piaf (Bottle)

Okay, fine. I really just wanted to take a picture of my plant…

Zoya - Piaf (plant)

Caesar decided to make a guest appearance…

Caesar - Lightbox




  1. This one is on my wishlist! I have Julie from the same collection – did you find the formula on this to be a little on the thick side? Julie was borderline unusable for me without a little thinner…

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