DIY Nail Decals (+ Atlanta Braves nail art)

Atlanta Braves Nail artThis past week I took my 92 year old, baseball fanatic grandfather to a Charlotte Knights game. The Knights are the AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox and happened to be playing the Gwinnett Braves.  While my grandfather is a lifelong Yankees fan I’m a Braves fan.

For the game I, of course, wanted to do an appropriate manicure. The problem was getting the Atlanta Braves A to look right on my nail. After several failed attempts and a result that looked like the Alabama A (as an Auburn grad I actually thought my finger was going to spontaneously catch on fire) I decided to figure out a better way to go about things.

I could draw the A just fine when it wasn’t on my nail. So I ended up making little decals and just picking the best ones. This also allowed me to have an Atlanta A on my right hand.

Below the jump are all the details on this manicure included a step by step guide on  how I made the decals.




DIY nail decals

What you need:

  1. A plastic bag. Something like a Ziplock or sandwich bag is what you need. Saran wrap and plastic shopping bags will not work! I used a snack size ziplock bag. I’d recommend using one that has a zip closure. I’ll explain why a bit later!
  2. Nail polish. Both a base color to match the polish on your nail and whatever polishes you need to make the design.

How to:

  1. Turn your ziplock bag inside out and smooth out the plastic as much as possible.
  2. Use the base color nail polish and paint about a nail size area onto the plastic bag. I like to do at least two coats of the polish. Let that dry until it’s no longer sticky (10-15 minutes)
  3. Add the design. When I did this I did all the same design that way I could use the ones that turned out the best.
  4. Let this dry completely. Several hours at least. I let mine dry overnight.
  5. Once the nail polish is completely dry peel the polish off the plastic.
  6. Cut the design out so that it will fit on your nail.
  7. Apply the decal to an already painted, mostly dry nail. Smooth it on the nail to eliminate any air bubbles.
  8. Apply a top coat.
  9. if you have any left over decals that you’d like to keep turn the ziplog bag inside out and zip it up. They won’t last for more than a few days though because they dry out.

And that’s it! Now, alot of this depends on the design you are doing. If you want a pattern that is going to cover the entire nail use my DIY Nail Polish Strips tutorial instead of this one. Also, depending on how delicate your design is, you may be able to skip the base color. I just find it easier to use a base color that way when you pull the polish off the plastic if it stretches slightly or even tears it’s not a big deal.

Atlanta Braves Nail Art polishesAs for my Braves manicure…I used Icing 7th Inning Stretch (only appropriate…), wet n wild megalast I Red a Good Book, OPI A Sparkle Yule Love (I used this as an accent nail on my right hand) and Ulta Snow White.

I used short, thin nail art brush (that I got in this set from eBay for super cheap) to draw the threads of the baseball and the A on the decals.

My manicure turned out really well and looked surprisingly complicated. Granted, it took quite a few steps to achieve, but it wasn’t difficult to do.

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