Anna Sui #100 Deco Blue (+ a dupe!)

Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue bottleRarely do I splurge on nail polish. For myself, splurging means polish $10 and up. One thing I have most certainly learned from blogging is rarely is there a polish unique enough to justify a double digit price tag.

I ended up with this polish after spending a fair amount of time browsing the other night. Anna Sui is a new brand on and as soon as I saw the bottle I knew I had to own at least one polish from the line. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for cute packaging! And this certainly has to be the world’s cutest nail polish bottle.

Packaging aside, I expected the nail polish to be as amazing as the bottle. Anna Sui polishes are $15 for just .27oz (about the same size as a mini polish bottle from other brands and, ironically, the same size as Anna Sui nail art polishes).

Deco Blue is a kind of muted, green leaning aqua with the most gorgeous iridescent shimmer. The color is gorgeous. The formula is a bit thin. I used three coats in my swatches. I do think this could be used as a topper.

One thing I noticed immediately about this polish is that it is scented. It’s not like other scented polishes where the nail polish in the bottle smells like normal polish then as it dries the scent comes out. This polish smells like rose perfume in the bottle. It reminds me alot of Bath & Body Works PS I Love You, which I love. But, if you’re sensitive to smell or don’t like rose scents I would not recommend this polish.

The scent on my nails was fairly strong for about 12 hours or so then it died down quite a bit though the scent does linger until the polish is removed.

While this polish is gorgeous and I’m still in love with the packaging I did find an inexpensive, drugstore dupe in my stash. This will definitely be a polish I use as decoration in my beauty room so I’m glad I splurged but I can’t say I’d do it again.

There’s a bunch of stuff going on under the jump; swatches, brush pictures, dupe alert, etc.

Happy Friday!


Anna Sui Nail Polish Box Anna Sui Nail Polish Box Top Anna Sui Nail Polish Box Back Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue 2 Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue bottle 2 Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue brush

It’s worth noting that the name of the polish (in this case Deco Blue) is no where on the box or bottle. The polish is identified by a number (100).Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue MACRO Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue label

It didn’t dawn on me until I was putting this nail polish on that it reminded me an awful lot of JulieG Shark’s Cove.  Comparing them in the bottle they seemed spot on.

Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue JulieG Sharks Cove bottles Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue JulieG Sharks Cove Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue JulieG Sharks Cove 2


To the naked eye these polishes are dupes. With careful examination there are small differences. JulieG Shark’s Cove has a bit more shimmer and is the tiniest bit more blue. Otherwise, they are the same. Even the formulas are about the same (minus the fact that the JulieG is not scented). JulieG Shark’s Cove is on my ring finger in the photos above.

Anna Sui 100 Deco Blue JulieG Sharks Cove MACRO


Zooming in on the two you can see the small differences. But the biggest difference between these two polishes is the price! JulieG polishes are $3.99 for .35oz. That’s alot more bang for your buck!



  1. I only have one Anna Sui (103) which is a dark blue shimmer. Mine is a couple of years old and came in a rose shaped bottle, and the top of the cap is molded into a rose shape. It also has that scent. Unfortunately the formula was not great and it’s not a unique color so it will be my only Anna Sui also. 🙂 It’s nice to have a special polish like that, I agree. Now if you are looking for special bottles, have you seen the brand Butt Bootie Babe? LOL!!!! It’s “special” all right! (I don’t have any of those but am definitely tempted to get one!)

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