Julep Jessica (& Julep Portia)

Julep JessicaOk, y’all know I’m a total sucker for light blue polishes. Well, when Katie told me this was a light blue polish that was not chalky and almost a one coater I had to try it myself. I’m not going to say I didn’t believe Katie but I was skeptical at best. It was something I was going to have to see to believe!

Jessica is a very pale light pastel blue creme with the slightest gray undertones. The color is gorgeous and in fact, no chalky. I suspect it’s the slight gray tinge that keeps it from moving into the dreaded chalky side of light blue.

The formula is fantastic. Seriously, this is stuff of legends. If careful, this could definitely be a one coater. But I’m not exactly cool with using just one coat of polish so I did use two in all my swatches.

I was wearing this polish on Friday with a blood orange dress (I have alot of orange dresses….I know). The combination of colors was gorgeous. But I did want to spice up the manicure a bit for a night out on Friday. The plan was to wear the same dress just change accessories so when I ran across Julep Portia is seemed like the perfect solution.

Portia looks so gorgeous in the bottle. SO GORGEOUS! It contains several different sizes and shapes of iridescent glitter suspended in a slightly greensih blue tinted base. I used one coat of Portia over Jessica and didn’t notice any difference in Jessica. Just the gorgeous addition of the glitter!

Below the jump you will find a slew of swatches. Make sure to check out the MACRO shot of Portia over Jessica. The complexity of Portia is amazing!

Julep nail polish is sold at Sephora but they have neither one of these polishes in stock. You can find both Jessica and Portia on the Julep website

If you’re interested in trying Julep polish they do have a monthly box subscription service. If you use the code FREEBOX you can get your first month free!



Julep Jessica Swatch Julep Jessica 3 Julep Jessica 2 Julep Jessica MACRO Julep Jessica MACRO 2 Julep Jessica and Julep Portial bottles Julep Jessica and Julep Portia 2 Julep Jessica and Julep Portia Julep Jessica and Julep Portia swatch Julep Jessica and Julep Portia 3 Julep Jessica and Julep Portia MACRO


  1. Lovely. Reminds me of my son’s first blanket…came home from the hospital under it. Soft, innocent blue. I think I like it better without the glitter.

    I’d love to see the glitter over a dark purple though…

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