POP Beauty Matchy Matchy Pinky DuetteThe number of POP Beauty items in my nail and makeup collection is growing quickly! There was another POP Beauty event on Hautelook recently and I just couldn’t resist picking up a few more things after having such fabulous luck with Brave, the first polish I tried from them.

During that particular event they had 2 of the Matchy Matchy Duos. Of course I ended up with both of them!

The Pinky Duette came with both a nail polish and lip balm in pinky. Being that I am completely addicted to neon I was really excited to give this duo a try.

Below the jump are pictures of the packaging this duo came in as well as my thoughts on both the nail polish and lip balm. There’s also a bonus mani 🙂


POP Beauty Matchy Matchy Pinky Duette packaging POP Beauty Matchy Matchy Pinky Duette back


POP Beauty Matchy Matchy Pinky Duette 2

Packaging & Contents: This duo came in dressed up plastic packaging. It’s nothing fancy but I think it’s adorable. The claim on the front of the packaging is that this duo is $10 (I paid $5 on Hautelook) but is an $18 value. The polish can be purchased on its own for $10 but while I like the lip balm, I think it’s a stretch to claim the lip balm (which is not available for individual purchase) is an $8 value. That being said, even at the full price of $10 I think this duo is well worth the price.

POP Beauty Pinky POP Beauty Pinky 2 POP Beauty Pinky MACRO

Pinky Nail Polish: Admittedly, when I saw this polish in the packaging I thought it was going to be a neon polish. That would have been fine. I love neon polishes. But when I started to apply Pinky the formula wasn’t thin nor did it dry to that weird semi matte finish.

Despite the fact that Pinky is not a neon it is still a super bright, cool toned pink creme. The formula is fabulous. I used just two coats in my swatches.

The nice thing about this not being a neon is I didn’t have to layer it over a white polish and it wears well. Yay for that!

POP Beauty Pinky lip balm


Pinky Lip Balm: So…not gonna lie. I’m a bit sad this lip balm is clear. Yes, it says that on the packaging, but I can still be disappointed!

This turned out to be a nice lipbalm. It’s very moisturizing and adds a bit of a sheen to the lips. It has a sweet smell that reminds me of Double Bubble. It also kind of tastes like Double Bubble. Considering I love Double Bubble (seriously…why do I never see that stuff except for at Halloween!?) I don’t mind the scent and taste. Strangely, I like the fact the lip balm is square. Just makes it kind of different from most lip balms in my collection.

Overall, I really like this little duo. It was well worth the $5 I paid for it, but I think it’s worth the normal $10 price as well.

POP Beauty is frequently sold on Hautelook though I don’t know of any events in the near future and of course I have no way of knowing what products are included. This duo is currently available at places like Ulta, Zappos and beauty.com.

Bonus Mani: I added an accent nail using the Bidhu Mohapatra NCLA nail wraps. I love the way they looked together! It was a great way to brighten a Monday.

NCLA Nail Wraps NCLA X Glamour Bibhu Mohapatra Pop Beauty Pinky POP Beauty Pinky and NCLA Nail Wraps POP Beauty Pinky and NCLA Nail Wraps MACRO

What do you think?