Perfect Pair: Essie Sunday Funday and Cover Girl Perfect Penny

Essie Sunday Funday and Cover Girl Outlast Perfect Penny Perfect PairIt only seems appropriate to wear Essie Sunday Funday on, well, Sunday!

I’ve become a huge fan of Sunday Funday. The nail polish. Though I’m a huge fan of the day as well.

Anyway. It’s the perfect polish for the warmer months; colorful and delicate all at the same time. What makes Sunday Funday so unique is the gorgeous shimmer. It’s a soft, barely there shimmer that makes all the difference.

That was all a long winded way of saying I’ve been wearing Sunday Funday alot recently. As it turns out my favorite polish to pair it with is Cover Girl Outlast Perfect Penny. The rose gold metallic polish really brings out the shimmer in Sunday Funday.

Below the jump are the two ways I’ve been wearing these polishes together this summer!


Essie Sunday Funday and Cover Girl Outlast Perfect Penny Cover Girl Outlast Perfect Penny and Essie Sunday Funday Essie Sunday Funday and Cover Girl Outlast Perfect Penny 2

Mani #1: This manicure is how my obsession with combining these two polishes began. Rarely do I wear a polish alone. I’m always adding an accent color or glitter or polka dots. SOMETHING so my manicure has a little bit of interest to it.

Most of the time when I do an accent nail I use the accent color, Perfect Penny in this case, on the ring finger nail on my left hand and on the pointer nail on the right hand.

The two colors played off each other really well. Every time I wear this manicure someone inevitably comments on the combination! Not only is it mixing colors but this it’s mixing textures which keeps it modern and fresh.

Essie Metallic Gradient Nail Art Cover Girl Metallic Gradient Nail Art Essie Metallic Gradient Nail Art 2 Essie Metallic Gradient Nail Art 3 Essie Metallic Gradient Nail Art MACRO


Mani #2: For quite awhile I was doing gradient manicures regularly but for one reason or another I kind of got tired of them. I decided to try the technique with these two polishes and see how it went. I knew it would be subtle but I had no idea it would turn out as well as it did!

I used a wet makeup sponge (like these) to apply Perfect Penny over Sunday Funday (that I let dry). I focused Perfect Penny towards the tip of the nail and let the color fade going down the nail (I did an entire post on how to do an ombre mani…if you’re interested check it out). It turned out so well! It’s like a summer version of my Going Baroque manicure.

The ELLEments of Personal Style


As I was wearing this manicure I realized it matched one of my favorite coffee table books; The ELLEments of Personal Style. This book was published in 2011 but I picked it up on super clearance at Books-A-Million recently. The book celebrates Elle Magazine’s 25th anniversary by focusing on the personal style of 25 very stylish women. Fun coffee table book for the beauty room 🙂

In regards to the polishes in this post; Essie Funday is from Essie’s Naughty Nautical collection. That collection seems to be disappearing quickly from stores but Sunday Funday is still available online from Ulta and Target. Cover Girl Perfect Penny is part of the permanent Outlast line and should be easy to find in drugstores or online.


What do you think?