LuxeCoat Mint Chip

LuxeCoat Mint Chip bottleMint polish and yellow polish have alot in common. There are a million of them on the market and most of them have terrible formulas or look terrible with my skintone.

Due to this when I have a mint polish to try my expectations aren’t super high. Yet, I can’t seem to stop collection them. It’s the ultimate problem for the nail polish obsessed!

Luckily, Mint Chip turned out to be great!

Mint Chip is a blue based mint creme. The blue isn’t overwhelmingly obvious but the blue undertones prevent the polish from turning into that awful chalky looking mint.

The formula is wonderful. I used just two coats in my swatches.

While I really do like this nail polish (I did another manicure using it that you can check out here) it’s not particularly unique. It reminds me quite a bit of one of my favorite mint polishes; wet n wild megalast I Need a Refresh-mint.

All LuxeCoat polishes are made from sustainable vegan ingredients and are cruelty free. For all the info on this brand check out my post on Winter in Paris or the LuxeCoat website.



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      1. I did go after the Rimmel Mintilicious… Could find only the 835 Bright back a you and the 813 Round and round the garden… Beautiful, both, but not quite what I was looking for.

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