OPI – Don’t Talk Bach to Me

OPI - Don't Talk Bach To Me(Sun)Hello, hello and happy Thursday!! I don’t know what started this love fest with funky yellows and greens, but let me tell you – I’m obsessed! Maybe there’s something in the water or some sort of alien influence? I partially blame Alli. See, if you know me, you know I’m not usually one to go for a green polish – ever. Until recently! I have some, I like them well enough – but put almost any other color in front of me and I’ll choose it over green. However, when I saw Alli’s 30th birthday mani I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I loved the way Pistol Polish Dean’s List looked! In short order I picked up Cover Girl Appletini, and after that L’oreal New Money – which you can see here on our Instagram. They’re both great, but they didn’t satisfy my funky green lust.  Alas, I was at Ulta yesterday and needed a pick me up and I really wanted something completely unique to my collection – so I grabbed Don’t talk Bach to Me – which, I’m pretty sure I used call “the ugly yellow green polish from the Germany collection.” Oops?

Okay, so enough of story time and onto the polish! I am happy to report that this polish is pretty awesome. Don’t Talk Bach to Me was originally released last fall as a part of the Germany collection. It’s reminded me why I love OPI so much. Application was wonderful – two very smooth coats was all I needed. The color is a bit hard to describe but I love this: OPI press release said, “There’s nothing mellow about this sassy lime-yellow!” I love the OPI press release color descriptions! It also has an ultra fine silver shimmer that makes it just that much more awesome.

Okay, I’ll stop gushing – after all it’s just one polish! But… GOOD NEWS! It’s  available on Hautelook until Friday (7/26/13)  morning should you decide you need it for $6.50!! I bought it at Ulta for $9.00.

Have a funky day! More pictures below!



Okay! So I thought I’d also show you a few of my favorite things! On the left is my favorite body spray du jour: The Body Shop’s Moringa Body Mist. It’s delicate and lovely, with moringa extra and Community Fair Trade essence from sugarcane. I bought it several months ago at Ulta for $10.00. On the bottom right, I’m wearing my favorite ring – my amazing 86 year old grandmother gave it to me.

OPI - Don't Talk Bach Collage

Lastly, this is a necklace I used to wear all the time, it’s very fun and summery.

OPI - Don't Talk Bach (Necklace)


So… what do you think of my latest obsession? Any fun & funky yellows or greens you’d recommend? Let me know!



  1. I love the Germany collection. I just can’t wear a color like this, but it sure looks sweet on you. I love ‘Germanicure’; pictures do not do it justice. It’ll be my Labor Day mani.

    I love OPI too. I’m never disppointed.

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