Cover Girl Outlast Perfect Penny

Cover Girl Outlast Perfect Penny coverClearly I have a bit of an obsession with rose gold. Realistically, the only type of gold I can pull of with my pale, cool toned skintone is rose gold. So I’m always on the hunt for more and better rose gold polishes.

My experience with the Cover Girl Outlast line has been limited. The only other polish I have tried, Golden Opportunity, is similar to Perfect Penny as it is also a gold metallic polish.

Perfect Penny is a rose gold metallic polish that is inching towards copper. It reminds me of Essie Penny Talk. They both are almost copper but really they just look rose gold.

The formula is identical to Golden Opportunity. It’s thin but not runny and builds color easily. I used three coats in my swatches.

Now regarding the name. At first I though, hey, this is an absurd name! This polish looks nothing like a penny! Well,I found a couple new pennies and I suppose Perfect Penny does look like a new, perfect penny.

Overall, definitely a fan of this polish. This is a great neutral nail polish that goes with just about anything. That being said, I have a couple polishes that are similar to this one including JulieG Liquid Metal and Orly Rage.

Below the jump are swatches of Perfect Penny.

Katie tried Appletini from the Glosstini line. She loved it! Make sure to check out her review 🙂


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  2. I’m green with envy – I absolutely love this colour but don’t think it would go with my skin colouring… Not even with a tan!

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  4. I think you should send this to me 😉

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