Maybelline - Blue Marks the SpotCan you believe it? This is the first polish I’ve tried from the Maybelline Color Show line – and what a polish to start with! Blue Marks the Spot is from the Polka Dots family that includes 5 polishes with black and white glitter suspended in a clear or sheer colored base.

When I first saw the Polka Dots display I passed. But after I saw Alli‘s review of Drops of Jade I decided to grab one. The overall effect is really unique, especially among drug store brands, and it’s quite stunning!

Application was a bit tricky, I ended up having to start over a few times because the glitter started to clump, so I recommend a little extra wait time between coats. For my swatches I used three coats.

Overall, while I like this polish, it will probably find it’s niche in my collection as a layering polish – I like the effect created with just one coat and I definitely prefer a more opaque finished look.

I’m thinking about picking up Clearly Spotted because I think it’d be a great as topper polish, or even in a jelly sandwich.

Check below for more pictures and see my first layering attempt with MAC Blue India!



One coat of Blue Marks the Spot:

Maybelline - Blue Marks the Spot (1 Coat)

Note: this is likely the closest you’ll get to seeing my naked nails 🙂

Bottle + Macro:

Maybelline - Blue Marks the Spot (Bottle Macro)

I love that this polish translates so well from bottle to nail –  definite plus!

MAC Blue India + Maybelline Blue Marks the Spot:

Maybelline - Blue (over Mac Blue)



    • Katie says:

      It was on par with other glitters for removal – a pain 🙂 But it will be a lot easier if you’re going to put it on top of other polishes and use just one coat.

  1. Matilda says:

    I have Clearly Spotted and absolutely love it, so versatile and one of those polishes that looks impressive with little effort. Just a side note: I live in Paris and it’s called Chalk Dust here. I’m going to have to go check if the other bottles have different names too now!

  2. pikrodafni says:

    I think they do – the green is called Rain Forest Canopy here – I’m in Paris too. I only saw the blue one *once* but didn’t get it because then I thought I had too many blues already. I’m still kicking myself!!

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