Nail Art: Watermelon Nails!

Watermelon NailsOne of the best things about summer is the produce! I go down to South Carolina once a week and on the way back I stop at my favorite little produce stand on the side of Highway 21 and get all my produce for the week.

My favorite afternoon summer snack is melon right out of the fridge. It’s a cooling treat for the hottest part of the day. Until this past week I’d been getting cantaloupes but finally the watermelons were calling my name. Of course, me being me, this whole thing reminded me of a watermelon tips manicure I did last summer.

For this year’s version of a watermelon manicure I wanted to incorporate the whole nail. I did the inside of the watermelon on the pointer, middle and ring finger nails and did the outside of the watermelon on the pink and thumb nails. I really loved the way this turned out and it was super easy to do!

Below the jump there are a list of polishes I used along with the (very) few steps I did to achieve this mani!



Watermelon Mani Polishes


Polishes I used:

Nail Art Watermelon NailsHow to:

  1. Paint the thumb and the pink nail with Essie Going Incognito.
  2. Apply OPI Strawberry Margarita to the pointer, middle and ring finger nails.
  3. Once the nails with Going Incognito on them are dry take a white polish and use the brush to make medium size stripes. You do not want these to be perfect! Watermelons do not have perfect lines 🙂
  4. While that is drying, take your nail art polish (or a striper brush with black polish) and make the seeds on the Strawberry Margarita nails by dabbing the end of the brush onto the nail.
  5. Take Ulta Limelight and make medium size stripes that mostly cover the white polish and bleeds a bit onto the darker green base.
  6. Wait a good 10 minute or more for everything to dry then apply your favorite top coat! I used Rush 60 Seconds High Speed top coat.

That sounded way more complicated than it is. I promise!

I think this is so cute and fun for summer. If you recreate this make sure to tweet or email me a picture!

Ulta Nail Art Watermelon Nails Watermelon Nail Art Essie Nail Art Watermelon Nails


  1. Looks really great – and different then other watermelon manis I have seen. Your new site keeps coming up on my server as being pishing email – I have to keep digging it out and mark it for correction but then next day…same thing – thinks it’s pishing. Wonder what is coded into your site that is doing it? Just wanted you to know ’cause some folks who follow won’t ever get it if their ISP or email program or reader marks it as spam…lots of that does not even go to a spam folder – it’s dumped so we don’t even get to decide if it’s really something we want.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I’m subscribed via gmail and it doesn’t go to spam but I’ll look into it.

      I thought this was a fun take on watermelon nails and super easy!

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