JulieG Secret Treasure

JulieG Secret Treasure bottleWhat seems like a gazillion years ago at this point new polishes were added to JulieG’s permanent collection. I ended up hauling quite a few of them and have more or less loved every single one I have tried. Previously I have used Secret Treasure once over Orly High on Hope. It was gorgeous and I loved it. But then Secret Treasure got kind of lost in the mix.

This past weekend when I was looking for a fun nail polish to wear I ran across Secret Treasure and decided to give it another go. I started with a white base coat (Ulta Snow White) then topped it with 2 coats of JulieG Secret Treasure.

The glitter in Secret Treasure isn’t overly dense (it’s definitely a top coat only type of glitter) but it is buildable.

I ended up loving this manicure so much I wore it the entire weekend and Monday. Usually I do a manicure for both Friday and Saturday just so I can use some of my more fun polishes but I couldn’t bring myself to take Secret Treasure off!

For Friday night I paired this manicure with an orange dress and it complimented the manicure perfectly. There is a picture of the manicure with the dress fabric below the jump (along with a slew of swatches).


JulieG Secret Treasure JulieG Secret Treasure swatch JulieG Secret Treasure 2 JulieG Secret Treasure MACRO JulieG Secret Treasure 3 JulieG Secret Treasure MACRO 2


  1. Very cute! I’ll surely copy this manicure with a beautiful glitter dark green I have – as soon as I get used to the idea of wearing white “tippex” again… 😉

  2. This is a fun one. I can see it over grays, powder blues, maybe a mint green, a med. green…a whole lot of shades. my little Rite Aide hardly ever has any selection of JulieGs – maybe the high school kids nab em ASAP since that’s like their first hang out after school lets out it seems – pop in for an ice-cream and check out the makeup area.

    1. Ah to be a high schooler again!

      I actually order most of my JulieG polishes from the website. They have free shipping on any order over $20 and it’s so much easier than trying my luck at the drugstore!

  3. This really is sooo pretty…I have a Revlon glitter (whose name escapes me right now) that looks like it might be similar but I haven’t tried it over white….yet!

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