Nail Art: British Open Manicure

The Open Championship Nail ArtIt’s British Open weekend!!

I always get excited about the British Open (or if we’re being fancy, The Open Championship) because coverage starts on ESPN at 4am (EDT) and goes all day! It’s amazing.

The 2013 British Open is being held at Muirfield, which is located in Scotland. That makes my manicure kind of odd. But lets be realistic…no one would be able to figure out what was going on with my nails if I did a Scottish flag (and we do call it the British open in the States, after all) so I went with the Union Jack instead.

I used Ulta Snow White for the golf ball nails. I go into exactly how to do them in my post on Golf Ball Nail Art. So check that out if you’re interested!

For the base of the Union Jack I used Nina Ultra Pro Sailor (same as I did for my Royal Wedding mani). I’ve had Sailor a long time and it seems Nina Ultra Pro no longer makes it (or at least it’s not listed on Sally’s website). As I was browsing Sally’s website I did notice Nina Ultra Pro has a top coat that I definitely need to try!

Anyway, back to the manicure. As you can tell, this was a super simple manicure and I think it’s cute for the occasion. Or sporting event, as it may be.

Below the jump there are a few additional swatches. This manicure happened to go really well with one of my favorite eye shadow palettes; POPbeauty Brit Pop Palette.



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  1. I watched the delayed broadcast yesterday..not my fav Br. course but always a good tourney…nice mani…I have naked nails – maybe I need some union jack take on ’em! Everyone will think I am royal baby watching/waiting when it will be Br. Open…

    1. It’s not my favorite course either. Quite frankly, the course is kind of ugly!

      I didn’t even think of the royal baby! But you’re right….that’s probably what people think when they see my nails.

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