wet n wild Pin’ Em Slater

wet n wild Pin Em SlaterOh, A.C. Slater. I always felt bad for him. As the stereotypical jock he was always the butt of the joke. But he was lovable, none the less.

When wet n wild released their limited edition Saved by the Bell collection last summer every child of the 90’s was dying to get their hands on the polishes. Unfortunately, the collection was not rolled very well. Not only were these polishes next to impossible to find, who releases a collection of neons in August?

Well, regardless, the collection included 6 neons; one for each of Saved By the Bell‘s main characters. Pin’ Em Slater is a super bright neon yellow jelly. I find this polish isn’t wearable on its own (there is a swatch of it alone under the jump) but looks gorgeous over white. I used 2 coats of Ulta Snow White and just one coat of Pin’ Em Slater in my swatches.

I love super bright neon polishes for summer. I’ve done neon polka dots using this polish and I’ve also paired the bright yellow with a black and white accent nail. Both were fun, summer manis. But, if your thing isn’t highlighter bright nails then I do apologize for burning your eyeballs! There are more retina scorching swatches below the jump.

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wet n wild Pin' Em Slater wet n wild Pin Em Slater 2 wet n wild Pin Em Slater 3 wet n wild Pin Em Slater MACRO wet n wild Pin Em Slater MACRO 2 wet n wild Pin Em Slater alone


  1. I love the highlighter bright yellow, but it is hard to wear this solo. I have to incorporate some sort of stamping or nail art to tone it down some and balance it out. Otherwise the neon it just too in your face for me to be comfortable with. I remember when these came out but I didn’t pick any up as I already had a stashful of neons from all the summer releases. And being late August I was already buying the new fall collections that were hitting the shelves.

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